7 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Image

Rohan Mathew

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In business, you eat what you kill. This means that business owners pay particular attention to who their brand attracts.

Entrepreneurs want prestigious well-paying clients. The key to attracting these clients is your business image. Here are 7 ways to improve your company’s reputation so you only attract the best of the best.

  1. Look Like a Winner

The first step to improving your business image. Is to look the part when talking to new clients.

Make sure your entire sales team follows suit. Utilize employee uniforms or a dress code for your office to keep everyone up to par.

This might not seem like a big deal if your employees aren’t usually client-facing, but you also want to improve your business image to vendors too.

You never know who’s watching. Expect referrals to great customers to come from anyone who comes in contact with your business.

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  1. Keep Promises

The biggest reputation killer is false advertising. If you’re product or service promises a result, it’s up to you to deliver it.

Excuses or blaming the customer won’t get you in front of top clients. Keep your promises to show potential clients you’re trustworthy.

This is a good business practice no matter how much a client spends with you. Again, referrals can come from any direction so avoid judging customers by their pocketbooks.

  1. Stay Close

Are you easily accessible to potential clients? Do you attend tradeshows and events where your ideal clients meet?

Make sure you’re easy to find by staying visible. Invest in marketing strategies that keep you at the table where your clients regularly make deals.

  1. Remain Patient

Being too eager isn’t good for a business image. Excited is good, maybe even cheerful, but never desperate.

Good business relationships are built on trust. These take time to foster and large brands are known for moving slowly.

Showing you can wait to land new clients is another way of demonstrating financial stability. Financial stability is a sign you are trustworthy.

  1. Give More than You Get

Go above and beyond to create a stellar business image. How people view your company will dramatically improve when they receive more value for their money.

Giving more than you get gives you credibility and helps strengthen your relationships with your current clients. This enhances your chances of positive referrals.

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  1. Know Your Value

If you’re in a service-based business, consider value-based pricing instead of hourly. Value-based pricing improves your business image by putting you in the position of a partner instead of a vendor.

Partners can make joint decisions with clients because they are experts in their fields.

  1. Share, Share, Share

Keep your industry abreast of what your company is doing. When your company attends a trade show, share it.

When you win a small community award, share it. If your office is now a dog-friendly flexible workspace, share it.

Keep in touch with the community so everyone can follow your brand’s progress and learn your personality.

How Your Business Image Equals Profit

Your business image is the key to your success. You won’t grow your business beyond a certain point without brand credibility.

Do this the honest way by giving more than you receive and knowing your value. For more information, visit our blog for updates.