Salmon cooking blunders which every novice chef must avoid

Rohan Mathew

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Foodies have this queer obsession with eatables. All throughout the day, their mind sends them signals to create yummy recipes. The problem is all these signals do not materialize into delicious food always. The food creation most often turns to be a catastrophe taking place in the kitchen.

 Well, the only option they are left with in this situation is to pick the mobile and order a Pizza as the last resort. However, there is array of hope. You do not always have to start big to become a pro Chef.

Start by creating simple recipes. Eventually, you will learn the tricks of the trade. Fish is easy to cook and will not take you a lifetime in the kitchen but you must avoid some crucial mistakes.

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Serious errors to avoid when cooking Salmon

Keep the skin on

When you cook Salmon, do not remove the skin. You will be surprised to know that the skin is more of a safety layer between the fish and the hot grill. When you cook fish for the first time, you may not have an idea about the right temperature to cook fish.

Keeping the skin on will prevent the fish from burning right away because of wrong temperature. 

However, when you are slow-roasting or poaching the fish, then it is necessary to remove the skin. When you cook fish in a liquid, then it becomes gummy if you do not remove the skin.

Use non-stick pan for cooking the fish

You need to be careful with your cooking utensils. When you are cooking Salmon for the first time, it will be a smart idea to use a non-stick pan. What novice cooks do is that they use the wrong utensils and end up with the fish sticking to the pan.

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Avoid overcooking the fish

The major issue with most new cooks is that they do not know whether the fish is cooked or not.  As a result, they end up overcooking the fish. When you cook the fish, you need to keep an eye on the flesh. If it turns opaque white from translucent pink, then it means that the fish is done.

Now, the question is that you need a clear indicator to know when the fish is done. You need to poke the center of the fillet with your finger. If you see flaky pieces, then it means that the fish is done.

Most new chefs do not know how to poach Salmon. What they do is poach Salmon in plain water. Well, it is a serious blunder on your part.  Make sure that you add garlic and lemon in the water. These two ingredients help to give a wonderful flavor to the poached Salmon.

When you do not add these two basic ingredients, you may end up with bland Salmon. If you are still perplexed about cooking Salmon, then look into Huon Aqua steamed salmon. Do remember these mistakes when cooking Salmon.

Practice does make a man perfect so gradually you will learn.