8 best resistance exercises to gain muscle mass

Rohan Mathew

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8 best resistance exercises to gain muscle mass

The resistance exercises that favor the development of muscle mass are those that, when performed, produce, as the word suggests, resistance. They are also called strength exercises and can be done with your own body weight, with bars, dumbbells, or gym equipment or you can use the testo max to gain the extreme muscles and strength.

Regular performance of these exercises helps muscle development. For this reason, they are important to tone the body. When combined with cardiovascular training, also known as ‘cardio’ or aerobic, they help you lose weight and better sculpt your figure.

It is likely that after a while of practicing resistance exercises you will notice that you have gained weight.

However, your body volume will have decreased. This translates, for example, into one size fewer pants but a few grams more on the scale. Why? It is because muscle mass is denser than fat mass. But with this type of training, you will look much better.

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Next, we give you some examples of which are the most effective resistance exercises.


Also known as a leg extension, the squat works the strength and muscle mass of the quadriceps. To perform them, you start standing and slowly bend down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. You have to stay for a few moments and then return to the starting position.


This is the forward or backward leg extension. With this exercise, you will also work your quadriceps muscles. Starting in a standing position, step forward or backwards until your thigh is almost parallel to the ground. Return to the starting point and alternate both legs.


The push-up bar or chin-up exercise is one of the most complete for the upper body. It contributes to the increase of the numbers and favors the figure of ‘V’ characteristic of swimmers and rowers.

It is performed in suspension on a bar, with the hands separated to the width of the shoulders, and the arms are flexed until touching or exceeding the bar with the bar too, later, descend to the original position.

Bench press:

This exercise is also called barbell arm extension and is considered one of the most complete trunk exercises since a large number of muscles are exercised: pectorals, deltoids, triceps, and forearms.

It is performed lying on your back on a horizontal bench. You take the bar and get up until you achieve full extension of the arms. It is lowered slowly until it touches or touches the chest to return to the starting position.

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High pulley push-up:

This is another resistance exercise that works the back muscles. It is performed sitting facing the pulley and the handle is pulled down until it touches the chest to return to the starting position, slowly extending the arms. It can also be done behind the neck.


The floor arm extension, also known as push-ups or dips, develops the pectoral muscles. It is performed lying face down with the arms flexed at shoulder width. They extend to, later, flex them again until they touch or touch the ground with the chest.

Squat dumbbell row:

It is a classic exercise that provides volume and strength to the last. With the trunk bent forward, the hand and the right knee resting on the bench, it consists of raising the arm to the abdominal.