8 Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Video games play a more important role in people’s life today, especially for the youths. They regard video games as a way to socialize or make new friends. In addition, some even gain high sense of attainment through video games when they has the ability to play the games well. But the confusion about video games that occurs in many people’s minds should be the question of whether video games do good or bad to us. From my perspective, video games can really benefit us instead of bringing harm.

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  1. Help Exercise Your Brain

According to the researches done by some scientific organizations, playing video games can actually help to exercise human brains, then enhance the quality of life as well as improve the health status of human body. When people play video games, their brains will be activated directly, and different regions of the brain will cooperation together for supporting this behavior while solving different activities, for example, strengthen memory, spatial orientation, information organizations, and fine motor skills.

  1. Boost Social Networking Ability

By participating in video games, especially the popular RPG games today, people can learn how to interact with other players, thus boost their social networking ability. They will try to communicate with others for getting victory. For some players who enjoy gather with other friends in reality and then play the games together, it could really help maintain friendship because through the video games, everyone is involved. For those anti-socialize people, playing video games with others can help them step out and learn to develop better relationship with other players.

  1. Improve Problem-solving Ability

Video games are always involve with strategies, with which players can reach the victory and gain a sense of achievement much easier. For example, in the popular game Minecraft, it teaches teenagers to use different objects to explore the living environments and then solve problems they may meet; while playing SimCity, players have the rights to lay out and plan their own cities, so they get a chance to think about many things, for instance, the tax rate whether to help or do harm to the growth of their cities, or how to construct the streets and certain zones could benefit the cities, etc.

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  1. Enhance Eyesight (Not Harm!)

Most parents would worry about that playing video games for a long time can hurt the eyesight of their children. The most commonly heard sentence from parents should be “you will just go blind for playing video games all day”. However, according to scientific test and study, it shows that people who play video games such as the shooting actually have better vision than ordinary people. So in fact, properly playing video games can help to enhance eyesight because many RPG games require better dynamic vision.

  1. Help Treat Depression

Playing video games can bring joy and happiness when people could find the fun in enjoying the games. For people who are less motivated or depressed, playing games can help to switch the attention from sadness and indulge in the games playing process. In this way, people are more likely to forget grief and regain happiness again. Some psychological therapy also take game playing as an effective way to help some people recover from depression. Thus, video games can certainly bring some positive influence on depressed people.

  1. Relieve Stress and Balance Life

For people who are always busy in dealing with all kinds of working or studying stuff, playing video games offers them a way to relax both their bodies and minds. For example, while playing LOL or PUBG, player can gain relaxation while they shoot or kill one enemy. Accompanying with the sound effect, the pleasure can even be enlarged. Hence, playing video games properly is beneficial to relieve stress and maintain a balanced life.

  1. Improve Learning Ability

Some people may find themselves fail to learn efficiently in classes or in the workplace, however, when they are involved in video games and performs in comparatively good way, they can also improve their brain activity and boost the learning efficiency. For some who really want to improve their gaming skills, they would also go to platforms like YouTube for accessing the pro players’ gaming videos, download them with YouTube video downloader, and learn skills from them. During this process, they active their brains for learning how to improve their skills, and this is a good method to enhance the learning ability.

  1. Improve Focus and Attention

Last but not least, playing video games and also help to improve people’s focus and attention. While involving in the gaming process, players have to focus on the plots and details in the games for considering a way to win the match. So actually, when a game starts, players have to pay attention to every details in the game, in that helps to improve the concentration of players. With better concentration, players are more likely to win the game in the end.

Concluded from the above aspects, playing video games can do certain benefits to people, instead of hurting them. But an important premise is to play video games properly. Especially for children, who would easily get addicted to video games when play without supervision, in that parents can play an essential role in guiding them correctly.