8 Cool Ideas for Student Movie Party

Rohan Mathew

Who knew that movie parties would become a thing one day? For the longest time, movies were mostly seen as a way to relax and not really as a way to have fun with friends. Things have changed now. 

Watching movies is a perfect way to stay entertained on the days nobody wants to go out partying. You can arrange it in someone’s house or even in an outdoor area that can be easily set up for a certain number of people. Student movie parties are a great way of bonding with friends to pass the time and relax after a tough school week.

Let’s look at some of the cool movies to consider for your next movie party.


There is nothing like a great comedy, excellent company, and some snacks to go with the fun. This film, released in 2007, can guarantee a fantastic time filled with laughter. Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the movie centers around the life of a teen just about to graduate from high school. It specifically focuses on the struggles that come with that age, like trying to experiment with alcohol and lose their virginity.

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The Hangover

One of the best parts of a wedding is the bachelor/bachelorette party. Well, not in this movie. After a night out in Vegas, the three best men wake up with a hangover and realize the groom is missing. 

The fact that there is so much drama going on and no one can remember a single thing makes the whole situation hilarious. This film is a good reminder of the crazy wild nights, especially as a young person in college, and is quite entertaining during a chill night indoors.

Pitch Perfect

This series is an ideal binge for a movie party, especially for the lovers of music. This musical comedy is based on the non-fiction book “Pitch Perfect” and has two sequels that appeared after the first film’s release. The plot follows an all-girl a capella band as they compete against a similar group in their college to win the nationals.

The soundtrack will have everybody singing their hearts out and enjoying every bit of it. It’s an excellent mix of music, romance, and a good laugh that will keep the party going for hours.

Project X 

Planning a party may be one of the hardest things to do, and it could not have been portrayed any better in this movie. So many things could go well, but at the same time, there is plenty that could go wrong. Some scenes may be exaggerated, but most college students can relate to the movie since they’ve probably attended a party that ended up chaotic and over the top.

A blow-up of large-scale parties was reported after this film’s release, blaming it for the inspiration. There is no other better movie to watch that will ensure everyone feels like they are at an actual party even though they are just having a relaxed evening indoors.


Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to watch a cheesy, cliché teen comedy that has a predictable ending more often than not. Eurotrip is one of those films, but it does guarantee a good laugh. The movie’s silliness makes it entertaining up to the end.

The stereotypes may not be accurate but are still fun to watch and serve for a good comedy. The American view of Europe is showcased hilariously, which is why it is the right choice for a movie party on Saturday afternoon.

Girls Trip

This is one of those feel-good movies that every girl squad can relate to. It involves a group of girlfriends who go to the Essence Festival, wanting to reconnect after not meeting up for a long time. It shrewdly depicts their friendship by highlighting both beautiful and difficult parts. 

The acting is on point and will keep everyone entertained. The film is also hilarious and will leave the audience looking forward to their next girls’ trip.

Dazed and Confused

It is a coming-of-age comedy that portrays life in high school in the 70s. The production is nicely done, and the film is bound to evoke all kinds of memories, especially for the generation of that time. It may be an old movie, but today’s teenagers can still resonate with it making it a cool idea for their party

The storyline is exciting and easy to follow. The cast skillfully brings the story to life, which is why it is interesting to watch.


This is a great movie for a Friday night with some friends, good food, and drinks in their hands. The story begins with three friends who go to Europe as one of them has a work assignment and ends up with all of them in Ibiza chasing a famous DJ. The music in this film is excellent and may quickly put everyone in a party mood. So, be ready to dance at some point while watching this movie.

The awkwardness and sisterhood in “Ibiza” is something many women can relate to. The cinematography, especially in the club, is so beautiful and brings out the real party scene. Whether it’s a girls’ night in or a friends’ night in, this is always a great choice.