8 Reasons to Book Villa for Vacation in Lonavala

Rohan Mathew

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Lonavala is a beautiful hill station located in Maharashtra. It is the most visited hill station for trekking, camping, and other various adventurous sports. It is surrounded by dense forests, waterfalls, lakes, etc. If you are an admirer of nature, then you need to plan your next vacation here. Lonavala has various beautiful attractions, such as Karla caves, Bhaja caves, and various others. It is the perfect getaway from all the chaos of big cities. It provides the much-needed peace to one’s mind. It gives you a relaxing experience.

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To explore the beauty and to have a better experience, one must book a villa in Lonavala for their next vacation. It will help you to experience the first-hand beauty of nature. This is why more and more people prefer to stay in villas than in hotels, leading to a more relaxing and calming experience. It can take away all the stress of the individuals. There are various other reasons to stay in a villa for your next vacation. These are mentioned as below:

  1. Privacy: The privacy that the villa offers is undeniable, and this is the primary reason why people prefer villas nowadays for vacation. People generally need a vacation to get relief from all the chaos and busyness of urban life. And that’s what exactly is provided by the villas. They let people enjoy their own company. No neighbours to annoy you, no noises from the adjoining room will definitely be a stress buster. No one will disturb you, thus providing a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of urban life.
  2. 100% yours: By renting a villa, everything belongs to you. You become the owner of the villa during your vacation. You can live and use things as per your desires. It thus provides you flexibility and freedom to enjoy your vacation. By staying in a villa, one can enjoy their private time to the fullest. Nowadays, villas are highly equipped with all the latest amenities to experience the best time of their life. Besides providing basic amenities, they also provide luxurious amenities such as a pool, gym, and many more. Hence it makes sense why there is a growing popularity of villas among people.
  3. Fully Equipped: The villas are fully equipped so that there is no inconvenience to the people. Everything is made available to the people residing in the villa, including stoves, utensils, ovens, washing machines, etc. Besides these basic facilities, some luxurious villas provide over the top facilities such as a spa, pool, sauna room, etc. These are made available to make your vacation worthwhile and add value to your money spent. One will not regret their decision to stay in the villa.
  4. Unlimited Space: Villas provides people with unlimited space, so people with children prefer villas over the hotel. There is too much space available to relax in a villa and when with children; the more space, the better the holiday is. As one is not confined to a single room, there will be no chaos. Also, some villas provide facilities such as a cinema room, games rooms, etc., to keep the children entertained, thus leaving the adults to spend quality time that they crave.
  5. Fulfils every demand: People go on vacation for different reasons. Some go for spending me time, while others spend quality time with their family, others go to have fun with their friends. Different people have different reasons, which lead to different expectations they have from their stay in the villa. Villas are capable of meeting each customer’s demand and go the extra mile to serve their customer in the best possible way. There are various facilities and options provided by the villa and one can choose as per their holiday need. You can choose the flavour you want to add to your stay, and the villa will definitely deliver it to so that one remains completely satisfied with their decision to stay in the villa.
  6. No Rush: The basic reason to choose a villa is that there is no rush and chaos. If you are staying in a villa, one need not have to wait for their turn to enjoy the facilities offered by them. Waiting for your turn can be frustrating as all activities also get hindered. This takes away the basic reason why people go out for vacation. By staying in the villa, all these issues are solved. One can enjoy all the facilities as per their wish. One need not wait in queue as everything is available for you to use. Also, there are no time restrictions on when to use what; thus, no one has to worry and rush to avail of the services. You don’t go to the services; in fact, services come to you when you choose to stay in the villa. There is no restriction on when to use the gym or avail of gaming services or eat breakfast. Thus, one can live freely in villas without many restrictions and regulations.
  7. Celebrate Special Occasion: When there is some special occasion that needs to be celebrated, one can choose a villa for such celebration. It will provide a warm feeling to your guest, and also, they are usually spacious and are efficient in accommodating small groups of people. It is, therefore, a perfect place for the venue and stays. It will make your special moments forever to last. Some villas also take the responsibility of dolling up the place for your special occasions such as anniversary celebration, wedding or small get together. It will be a perfect backdrop for your special occasion.
  8. Pet-friendly: People who have pet know how difficult it is to leave them while you go on vacation. Your mind is constantly is occupied with your pet well-being. There are some villas that understand this and thus open their doors for pets too. They provide the perfect arrangement for your pet to stay and accompany you along with your vacation. One must beforehand ask the villa authority whether they allow for a pet to stay, avoiding any kind of inconvenience.

Hence, we can conclude that there are numerous reasons why people prefer to enjoy their vacation by staying in villas. 

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