8 Reasons to Choose SaaS CRM for Your Business in 2020

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

There are a number of tools and technologies available for small business owners today. While scaling up has become a highly competitive business today, there are also a number of tools that can help you sift through the competition and reach your ideal audience with much ease. One of these tools includes CRM software.

Before we go any deeper into the perfect CRM software and the reasons to adopt the same, we need to understand what CRM really is. CRM or customer relationship management is a platform, a software or a process that helps you get all your information on a single platform so that it is matched with the right functions and the right team member.

In this way, CRM software is essential for the organization and growth of the business. With the perfect small business CRM software, you can achieve plenty. This is especially important for small and growing businesses since these kinds of businesses have limited bandwidth and resources that need to be used judiciously for maximum growth.

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Here are the top 8 reasons why your business needs CRM software in the year 2020:

  1. Cloud Based System: By definition, the CRM software is one that can easily be hosted on a cloud. This has a number of benefits in itself. To begin with, the cost benefit is an undeniable one. When you do not have to invest in expensive software and go with a cloud based system as well, you will have more funds to divert towards your other business needs. Further, accessibility becomes easier since all team members can easily access the system and make use of it for their business and team’s needs. Further, a number of integrations and collaborations would become possible on the single cloud based platform of the CRM software.
  2. Installation is a Breeze: One of the best things about a CRM software remains the fact that installation is very easy as compared to many other systems and processes. You would not need coding or any such complex skills or team members with such skills to set up the software for your business. The perfect CRM would offer you plenty of options to customize the framework as per the unique needs of your business and your core customers. The information that is mined for your business would also be stored in the right place at the right team, to be accessed by all the relevant team members.
  3. Security: The highest level of security would be available to you when you make use of CRM software since the SSL and other certifications would be encrypted into the system. The security information and encryptions available on such a platform would enable the business to run in a hassle free and safe manner even as all the data in the databases would be secured. Two step authentication and constant change of password prompts would help in keeping the system safe as well.
  4. Reliability: There is much reliability and flexibility in the perfect CRM software. This would make room for much growth. When you do not have the software and you are on a cloud based system, you can easily make changes that will accommodate the growing needs of your growing business and the growing scale of your business as well. This would also help you introduce new products and market segments into the system so that you can cater to all the needs of the new markets. The system is also reliable in the sense that the functionality does not fail you since it is not system dependent but cloud dependent.
  5. Compatible System: When we are running a business, there are a number of parties that we would have to deal with. These could include legal teams, third party vendors, distributors and various other parties who would be a part of the sales funnel or the sales pipeline. It is important to ensure that all of them get their rightful place within the CRM system or software. The system should be compatible enough to facilitate the collaboration between all these parties. This would ensure better functionality and also, with such a function, you would be able to access all the information at one place instead of hunting for the information during each customer interaction.
  6. 6. Data Management: This would be one of the most important benefits of using CRM software. Not only will your data be captured in keeping with your targeted campaigns set by marketing automation, but the data would also be managed and stored in a way that the right information would be called up for the right function. If a customer calls the customer support or customer care, the previous interactions and any customizations of the product or service availed would also be shown so that the team member can service the customer in a better manner.
  7. 7. Better Segmentation: When you have a business, you will constantly be introducing new products and tweaking ones. This means that you will also need to find new segments in order to propagate the use of your products and services. The segmentation can happen when you will be able to get the right insights and information as per the targeted campaigns that can be set as per marketing automation and CRM. The CRM software can enable you to do this with much ease and flexibility so that the insights can come through much more easily for you to understand your segment and articulate the needs of the same so that engagement would become easier.
  8. Centralized Functionality: All the functions as well as the information to support those functions would be contained in one central location. This would make the life of all team members and third party vendors that much easier. You can grant limited access to people so that your other information is not compromised and the perfect CRM would deliver results!

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