8 Tactics to Create an Aesthetic Instagram feed

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Among all the statics to grow your Instagram, creating an aesthetic feed is one of the most important strategies. After looking at the profile bio, the feed is something that every user checks before following any account. 

An aesthetic feed embodies your brand name, theme, brand colours, and the main idea of your business. It is important to ensure that every Instagram post of your account is creative, aesthetic and unique to make your whole profile look good. In addition, you can use the app to get followers on Instagram instantly and build your Instagram account.

This will make sure that your account comes in a suggestion bar and all your followers appreciate your content by sharing, liking and commenting on it. In case, you are struggling with the initial boost, you should Buy Instagram Followers and buy Likes. This will help your profile look genuine with at least some followers and likes on pictures making your profile more aesthetic.

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Here are some tips and tricks to create an aesthetic feed over Instagram: 

  • Select theme: 

The theme of feed is the first impression for any person looking at your feed. The theme gives the feeling and the idea of your company. Is it related to youth passion or old age supporter; motivation or the action; book or the movies? The main idea of your account is reflected every time by the feed you are posting. So, make sure that your feed consists of the idea and the related background which completes half of the work. 

  • Select visuals: 

Rather than posting reading stuff, try posting some visuals as they are catchy and can be processed much faster than any readable content. Visuals should contain everything your brand name, idea, what product or service you are offering, why people should go for your feed and more. Every time you are creating your post, make sure it is always different and unique and is not reposted. 

  • Select colours: 

Selecting colours as per your brand name is crucial to any feed. Choosing a specific colour for your brand is helpful as it always reminds them about your brand whenever they see the colour. For instance, the colour red makes us think about Coca-Cola. 

  • Define Brand and the idea: 

Defining your brand and its motive is always a great idea as it gives a clear image to your viewers. It is not important that every feed define your brand but is of paramount importance that every Instagram feed gives a clear picture of your brand and its motive. Brand logo, colour and position always help to make that clear picture in the visitor’s mind. 

  • Search and Research your content: 

If your Instagram feed contains some research work, then it always a good idea to search and research your content. This could be for several reasons. First, you are posting updated information on your account and every time you are researching you are taking responsibility for the content you are posting on your account. This makes your profile look authentic and feeds aesthetic. This also makes sure that you are giving data that is best known to you. 

  • Organise: 

All the research work, brand name, logo visuals should be properly organised for an aesthetic feed. The unorganised feed has the potential in decreasing your followers to several folds, whereas an organised attracts the followers to read it, save it and share it. Also, make sure that you are organised with your feed timeline as it shows the discipline of the account holder. 

  • Editing: 

Editing is the last step to make your feed attractive. In editing, you should check for all Instagram features, size, and the alignment of colours you have chosen for your visual brand. Editing will ensure that you have checked everything and can do no better than the final visual you have created for your feed. For more editing ideas check the feed of all the influencers you follow. 

  • Repeat: 

Post the feed you have created and repeat all the actions for creating another feed. Missing out on any step can decrease your chance of buying Instagram followers and likes. Along with visuals, you can also choose all the trendy features of Instagram like reels, IGTV videos and live sessions. 


Instagram is the most popular social media right now. It attracts the young generation as well as the millennials. These are the audience who have the most disposable income to try new things. And that is the reason why marketers pay so much attention to Instagram. However, a bad looking Instagram page might ruin all your branding. So, make sure your feed looks good with the help of all the tips given above.

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