8 things to consider when building a website

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What action step needs to occur on your website?

  1. You’ll need a domain name. Choose a name that’s easy to remember and one that is related to what you’re offering. Don’t use more than two dashes since you’ll quickly attract website visitors that don’t like you. A catchy domain name combined with a relevant website gets noticed. This is a very effective marketing tool to help get your message across and keeps your content rich and interesting.
  2. Registering for a domain name is very simple. To do this, right click with your mouse on your desktop and select properties of your computer. Your screen will change to disk position. This will show up the control screen. Click the Start button and the program will load the DNS information. You’ll see to the upper right, traffic in the primary, name servers and what your site is calling, listed as’. Click the “addy” button and you’ll see more detailed information about your site.
  3. It’s all about hosting. There are lots of free or inexpensive hosting companies available, but user experience is so important. Choose a hosting company that offers an easy website building form. Host your website on the Internet via the world-wide-web. Hosting companies that don’t require setup and maintenance on your part are a great way to start a new business. These are good for your first business website, but you’ll want to upgrade to someone else in the future.
  4. Building your website can be very easy. There are hosting options on the internet to help with any website building process. Proceed as if you were employees of a professional web designer. Look at the website they are building and the way it is all structured. Open up an email and don’t forget to take notes.Get the idea of the proposed website in your head, hit the “Print Screen” button and “Copy to Screen.” What you see needs to be the same, followed by the high-resolution version of it and then the world-wide-web version of it.

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  1. Print-out and look at the statistics. These include bounce rate, email address, traffic and pages downloaded.Try to think of which pages you want your visitors to look at and which topics of discussion will inform them the most. Locate the inside of your browser and print out a virtual sales statement and with the click of a “Print Screen ” and focus your attention on the case studies section and print out at least 6-10 testimonials.Look at the placement of the testimonials and copy them around the area you want to look at the most. Take away anything they have on their text (an exclamation, aBullet Point, etc., etc.).Spend a little time on this step because a testimonial giving you credit to Link Your Site will not be accepted by your website credibility. Taking away text is important to your website credibility. Then build brandable hyperlinks. Link Your Site for a wonderful list of topics you can write about.
  1. Add a strong CTA to your website. If you want more than a single sales button on your site, you can use an image from PayPal for example.
  2. Choose several testimonials for your website. Think of how you look at yourself as a consumer and put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. Then use a set of testimonials that will likely appeal to your target audience. The best set of testimonials is a group of awards and credentials going out in front of you like a chain.Achieve this and you will quickly find as many testimonials as you can afford. These testimonials will be a great source of information for you and your team, and will show visitors a person and their style.
  1. Build your website design. If you’re looking to attract clients, prospects and customers, you need to take action. Share your strategic plan with a web designer, who can help you with your plan for developing your business and how you want to target your clientele.

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