8 Things you Need to Know Before Moving to San Jose

Rohan Mathew

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Tips for Living in This Up and Coming City

San Jose was once a small town. It was so small in fact that most people had to ask how to get there, Do you know the way to San Jose? However, things in this part of California have significantly changed. No longer do people ask where the city is, but clamor to get there, so if you are moving to San Jose for any reason, here are some things you will want to keep in mind. 

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Tech Capital

For those that love tech savvy ideas and products, and most of us do, you can thank San Jose. LA and New York tend to get a lot of credit for being home to Fortune 500 companies, but most of these companies originated and still operate their headquarters from San Jose. Adobe, eBay, and many others were invented in San Jose, so if you are a tech savvy individual, you should have no problem finding a job you will love in this city. 

Hockey is King in San Jose

There are few places in the United States, apart from areas in the north where hockey is celebrated. Although the sport has grown in popularity, it still takes a back seat to other sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. However, San Jose is home to the Sharks Hockey Team, so when you live here, hockey is much more important than anything else. Brush up on your hockey education and embrace the teal and black sharks like the rest of San Jose and you will fit right in on game day. 

Home to Happy Workers

Getting up for work, even when you love your job can be a chore. Monday rolls around and you simply dread the week ahead, but when you live in San Jose, you might find that you begin to enjoy work a little more. According to Glassdoor and CareerBliss, San Jose has the happiest workforce of anywhere else. The primary reason for this is linked to the fact that the big tech companies often offer benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. A more relaxed schedule and even a free cafeteria at work can be some remarkably enjoyable benefits, so get ready to be a happy worker bee in San Jose. 

Orange Sauce Will Become Your Condiment of Choice

Throughout the country, you will notice that certain areas have their own unique cuisine. You will certainly find your fair share of tacos in San Jose, but you will also find a unique condiment as well. Orange sauce is one of the city’s most notable concoctions. In its base form it is simply hot sauce and mayo mixed together, but each brand and eating establishment adds in their own mix of spices to enhance the flavor. Get used to ordering orange sauce with your meals and keeping a bottle for yourself in the fridge at home. 

Commuting to Work Can be a Problem

Traffic is a problem in San Jose. Roads can be backed up for miles, so you will want to adapt your schedule to leave for work in plenty of time to get there. In the event you do not own a car or prefer to use public transportation, you will find commute times shorter only when using the train. Busses have to contend with the same traffic as everyone else, so it is best to live and work on a train line in San Jose. 

Storage Units Are Essential

California is known for its high real estate prices and for anyone moving from a lower cost of living state, you will likely have to live in a much smaller abode. Whether it is a home, apartment, or condo, closet and storage space are difficult to find in San Jose, but thankfully, storage units make living easy. Storage unites in San Jose offer the space you need without cluttering up you home. Additionally, storage units provide a place to store valuables securely and climate controlled storage will maintain the integrity of your antiques far better than simply throwing them in the attic. 

Grocery Bags Cost Money

California is forever evolving their rules and regulations surrounding the impact on the environment. In San Jose, you will find that this even includes grocery stores. Stores, at one time bagged groceries for free and provided plastic or paper bags to customers. However, these days, stores charge for both paper or plastic bags. It is merely a 10 cent fee, but to avoid this fee, it is highly recommended that you bring your own reusable shopping bags. 

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Safe and Sunny

Taking a stroll in the middle of the night in some cities is dangerous, but in San Jose, crime rates have remained low for many years. It is actually ranked as one of the safest cities in the nation. San Jose also boasts over 300 sunny days each year, so whether you choose to walk at night or during the day, you can have a safe, and mostly sunny day. 

Moving to a new city can be confusing, but San Jose is one of the best cities for newcomers to enjoy. The residents are inviting and with a plethora of available job opportunities, you will enjoy the fun that San Jose offers. Live, work, and enjoy life in beautiful San Jose.