8 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Excel in School

Rohan Mathew

Many parents struggle to try to motivate their kids to perform well in school. The approach of some parents is wrong. Some parents even go to the extent of paying a paper writing service at mypaperwriter.com to help their kids with assignments. All this for the children to perform better in school. The following tips will help you encourage your children to work harder and even excel in school.

  • Do not upset your Kids.

Just like any other relationship, annoying one party means that both parties waste a lot of energy and time on less constructive things. It is therefore vital to encourage your children by minding their welfare. Your comments and deeds matter a lot. Avoid demeaning comments. Let them know and hear you say that you are proud of them without using statements that make them think you do not believe they are good enough.

  • Let Your Kids Have a Feeling of Control

Knowing that your future depends on the actions you decide to take, encourages you to do better and choose wisely without a push to do it. Giving children the chance to take charge of their lives in one way or another makes them more responsible and autonomous. Have conversations with them about the consequences of some actions and also what you expect from them.

  • Create Routines and some Order

Having some form of routine and order encourages children. Daily routines minimize conflicts and ensure punctuality and time observation when completing tasks. Make sure that your kids follow the daily routines. Leave room for modifications. Also, have a study area for your kids to avoid distractions.

  • Instill in your Kids some Organizational and Planning Skills

Teaching kids how to plan and organize their work encourages them to have a positive attitude towards school. Such skills make their work simple and more organized.

  • Give Emphasis to the Process and Not the Results

When children focus on the results, they pay less attention to the process, and ultimately, poor results discourage them from working harder. Encourage them to love the learning process.

  • Develop a Culture in your family where Mistakes are Normal

Learning from our mistakes gives us a better bearing like a ship. You can share your own mistakes and how you used that to get back on track to encourage your children. Avoid dwelling on your kid’s failures. Instead, praise them for their efforts

  • Understand your Kids and Exercise Active Listening

Children’s behavior change happens as they grow up. It is vital to understand what they feel and what led to the change rather than dwelling on the behavior. Give your children full attention when they express themselves. Some extra practicing can be a reasonable way to raise educational achievement. Just keep an eye on homework and suggest the printable worksheets for school on a subject you’d like to practice with your kid.

  • Do not use Punishments, Threats, or Rewards on your Kids.

The kid’s encouragement is a result of promises or threats. Hence, they do not enjoy the processes, they focus on the outcome. Understanding your kids is better than using the wrong encouragement tactics to make them perform well.


Encouraging children to excel in school is every parent’s job. How the parents approach it matters because it determines the kid’s general perspective about school and their source motivation towards learning.