A Beginners Guide to Buy Electronics Online

Rohan Mathew


The lifestyle of people is changing with time and so is the case of shopping. In the past few decades, the shopping pattern has changed. Initially people used to buy sweets from sweet shops, bread from bakery shops, milk from local market, TV and other electronic gadgets from Electronic Shops and Dresses etc from local malls as per the requirement, but with time the Branded Malls have replaced the local vendors with all the requirement of the people available under one roof for shopping.

Nature has paved the way for the people to acclimatize with the changing Technology that is engulfing the world. With the advent of Digital era and Smart phones besides user friendly applications and websites have led to commencement of Online purchasing.

Online Shopping

The advancement of Technology has led the consumers to purchase the items required by them online from the comfort of their home, office, Business establishment or while moving from one place to another by simply downloading the said application on their phone or by visiting the said website as per the requirement.

Merits of Buying Electronics Online

There are various advantages of buying electronics online and includes various factors such as saving the precious time of the consumer, availability of wide range of variants of the said products, order can be placed round the clock i.e. one can shop 24×7, Tracking of the order status, opportunity to avail discounts or offers as per the applicability, availability of the option to get the product delivered at the requested address across the area covered by the said vendor.

Considerations while Purchasing Electronics Online

Reputation of the Concerned Brand

On one side though the online shopping of Electronics is a boon, but on other side one should be very careful while downloading the said application or visiting the said website. One should scrutinize the vendor regarding its Brand Image and Product image. Generally, a Branded electronic product is worth purchasing even it costs more than the unbranded product because the quality, durability and after sale services will be much better in case of the branded products.

Product Warranty

Warranty is pre-requisite for any Electronics appliances that one purchases. A warranty assures the consumer that the said product will be replaced or repaired as per the requirement within a specified period of time, if the said product fails to meet the desired expectation as specified by the concerned manufacturer. Product Warranty should not be overlooked while opting for online shopping as refraining from It, may cause unsolicited risk and associated expenses.

Product Review

Now-a-days Product Reviews are paramount because they form the essential part of Marketing tools employed by the Branded Companies to enhance their sale and fetch their sale target. With ever increasing role of Digital Media and Social Media, the role of Product Reviews cannot be under estimated. In the present context, the consumers can be misguided by the false product reviews of the virtual customers. Hence the buyers of Electronics online should verify the genuinity of product reviews and order online only on getting the positive reviews. It is in the interest of the consumer to ensure that the reviews are true and not the manifestation of Digital Marketing or misuse of social media platforms.


In this world of Globalization with ever-increasing advancement in Technology especially in the Digital World coupled with changing life style of people, growth of the economy and longing for ease of comfort has led to the online shopping a passion. This passion has extended to such an extent that people are purchasing electronics also from online stores. Every action has reaction. Therefore, before opting for online purchase of electronics one should check the genuinity of the said online store and related application or website, Check the reputation of the concerned branded product, research the warranty of the product and decide the purchase of the said electronic product after assuring the genuinity of the product reviews.