A Beginner’s Guide To Writing An Essay: Tips And Tricks

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A Beginner's Guide to Writing an Essay: Tips and Tricks

How to Write an Essay

Consider an essay to be a forum for debate. There are a plethora of topics you may discuss with a friend or colleague. You may tell a narrative, demonstrate a skill, or debate on a subject.

Regardless matter what style of essay you’re writing, you may expect the same trend. Each form of essay has its own set of expectations or aims, much like a good conversation.

A good argument is one in which the aim is to persuade the other person that you’re correct. For an argumentative essay, the same holds true.

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Here are a handful of the most common essay formats highlighted by the writers of the best essay writing service you’ll encounter in college:

Writing a Story

Even though this style of essay isn’t in the typical sense of telling a tale, it’s like spelling out an event or sequence of events so that the reader understands what’s going on. We provide you same day essay service, please visit our website.

Thesis Proposal

Here, you’re trying to convince the reader to agree with you on a certain issue.

Essay in Narrative Form

If you’re writing on a particular place or incident, this is the style of essay for you.

Thesis Statement

In this essay, you’re taking a position on a hot-button issue and attempting to back it up with data.

Why Am I Doing This?

This style of essay is meant to instruct the reader on how to carry out a given task, and it will often include a step-by-step guide or other comparable material to help them along the way.  We best essay writing service in the market.

Essay on Contrast and Comparison

Using two distinct novels or characters, you may have done this in school, but the ultimate aim is to find parallels and contrasts between any two given topics.

Composing an Essay: The Primary Stages

Getting your thoughts down on paper and submitting your work are the only steps many students consider necessary while writing an essay. That, however, is not the case.

To write an essay, you must go through three distinct phases, each serving a distinct function. Although drafting the essay itself is the most significant step, other phases are just as critical.

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Let’s break this essay writing process down into its three phases. They are as follows:


Prepare your essay’s subject and organisation before you write a single word. The first thing you should do if you don’t have a subject given to you is decide on a topic. Once you’ve done your homework, you’ll need to put together an outline that takes into account all you’ve learned. Writing your essay will be lot simpler if you have done your research and prepared an outline for it ahead of time.


The writing step takes the most time. Once you’ve outlined your essay, you’ll begin writing down your thoughts and ideas. As you write the introduction, the body, and the conclusion, you’ll be working on developing and fleshing out your thoughts (more on these soon).


Finally, you’ll read through your essay again and look for a few minor errors. In the first place, make sure your essay is well-organized, that all of your arguments are well-supported and relevant to your subject, and that all of your facts are properly referenced and supported. This includes checking for spelling and grammar issues, as well as grammatical and punctuation blunders.