A Complete Guide About Walkie Stackers

Rohan Mathew

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You might just have heard about walkie stackers as one of the areas you need to invest a bit in when beginning a new business with less manpower. Walkie stackers, sometimes called straddle stackers, are walk-behind pallet trucks that use a flat surface called a mast to hoist pallets to different heights. These walkie stackers are quite useful in industrial settings. You can click on the link to purchase one of the best Walkie reach stackers at Adaptalift. They not only provide the greatest prices on walkie stackers, but you can also hire or buy the stuff of your choice. Here are some facts about walkie stackers for your knowledge:

  • Who Should Prefer Buying One:

The key variable is the weight of the material you carry in your mast and pallets. You should be careful of your products’ weight. If physically handled, being extremely heavy is always a no-no for the walkie stackers. Those with electric power can transport a greater amount of weight. Second, you must be aware of the size of the objects being transported. They require a high-power, hefty machine to transport their equipment, just as an airplane’s instruments cannot be carried in a walkie stacker.

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  • Licensing:

Buying straddlers isn’t the most fun part of the process. Because walkie stackers are pedestrian-operated lift trucks, you will not need a license to operate them. To operate the pallet stacker, however, you will almost certainly need a certification. This is largely determined by where you intend to use it. Some places or countries may require certification before using the stackers, while others may not. Isn’t it true that acquiring a certification isn’t going to hurt us?

  • Weight:

Your walkie stackers might weigh anywhere from 2000 and 2500 pounds. It’s worth noting that the pallets, as well as the items you keep in them, will add to it.

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  • Different Adjustments:

Pallet lifters with base legs come in three different configurations, which you can pick from depending on your needs and criteria. Fixed straddle, adjustable straddle, and fork over are the three options. If you choose a stacker with fixed legs, make sure the inside dimensions of the straddle legs are larger than the area, particularly the width of your largest pallet. This maintains the equilibrium of your stacker. The adjustable straddle legs, on the other hand, might have broader or narrower interior dimensions depending on the following requirements. It has a range of 10 to 15 inches of adjustment. Fork-over stackers, on the other hand, have legs that sit immediately under the forks and can only be utilized with open bottom pallets. 

A lot of such warehouse owners and heads do not realize the requirement of these heavy machinery involving the walkie stacker and other such kinds of stuff and eventually end up having their staff manhandle their products and materials, or even get the employees hurt. This is an absolutely unprofessional nature and should be resisted by the employees and by the owners who want to achieve successful endeavors.