A Definitive Guide to Convert Microsoft Excel XLS, XLSX into Secure PDF Using GoGoPDF

Rohan Mathew

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If there are cases in which you regularly use Microsoft Office Excel to impart your work to someone, then you could have run into a situation where you had to give an Excel file as a PDF document. At some point, this might result in expanding the office or school workload, making it a challenging task if you failed to convert files into a portable format.

With that, there are various methods for converting Excel documents to PDF files. One of the key reasons for doing this kind of approach is that PDFs are moderately easier to open and are available on various devices. If you need to change to a PDF format via Microsoft Excel XLS, XLSX, and learn more about proficiently using PDFs, keep reading.

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Why Do You Need to Convert an Excel Spreadsheet to PDF?

There are different steps by which you can shift an Excel document to a PDF format, and there are also numerous reasons you would have to convert it. One of the most significant factors is that displaying and reading a spreadsheet program on PCs, mobile phones, and tablets is more complicated because it is not in PDF.

Another explanation of why Excel to PDF online conversion is necessary now and again is that all Excel files require particular software or tools to be reviewed and altered. This makes it impossible to share an Excel document with people who don’t have the requisite tools to open an Excel document.

How To Convert Excel To PDF Using GoGoPDF

By using GoGoPDF, you can create much better quality documents than the other options available online. Accessible on the web, this converter is an exceptional resource in terms of conquering document difficulties. The primary aim of GoGoPDF is to provide the consumer with a tool that can speed up the cycle while maintaining quality. 

Besides that, with GoGoPDF, you don’t have to buy irrational applications to import to your local desktop or unique work area to use the different properties. All you can do is look for “GoGoPDF” on the internet, and in a fraction of seconds, the site will appear quickly.

To effectively convert Microsoft Excel XLS, XLSX into PDF, follow these simple steps: 

  1. On the web browser, type GoGoPDF. Once the website launches, you have to press the green box with “Excel to PDF” text written on it.
  2. Pick the Excel spreadsheet you need to convert to portable document format or simply drag and drop it into the conversion column. Ensure that you select the exact file.
  3. GoGoPDF will start converting your Excel spreadsheet to a portable document format file in a fraction of seconds. 
  4. Wait for the conversion process to be successfully finished. The process will usually take up to three to five minutes. 
  5. Once done, you can now download it to your computer or save it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Pros & Cons of Using Excel

Generally speaking, there are no disadvantages to understanding everything that Excel has to bring to the table, and strategies can be infringed by concentrating on only one choice. The best thing here is to have more options since you can know both the short and long way, just as all the highlights accompany both.


  • organizing data
  • multiple user access
  • streamlines calculations
  • increase productivity
  • intuitive


  • lack of security
  • user bias
  • learning the syntax takes skill
  • has some importing issues
  • advanced features are not apparent

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Feature Limitations and Privacy Safety in GoGoPDF

Most business industry suppliers require you to try traditional assets common to other advanced PDF applications, making it a confusing setup. However, with GoGoPDF, everything is accessible. What distinguishes this online tool from other regular converters is that it provides a free trial of 100 percent without restricting the available features to you.

Other than that, GoGoPDF also ensures that your details and information will not be shared with unauthorized individuals. This converter has an incredible innovation that they use, which is directly referenced in each instrument. It is necessary to provide a structure that ensures the security of the client.


One approach to using the Excel data in a different format is to convert an Excel spreadsheet document to a PDF. It shouldn’t be a headache and complicated to convert Excel to PDF, but it usually is. Instead of trying to get it out of a PDF, using a PDF converter such as GoGoPDF will help ease things up a bit for you and allow you to spend more energy dissecting your results.