A few simple tricks to find out someone’s email

Rohan Mathew

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Everyone at least once in his life has come across a situation when you urgently need to contact a person, but the email address has vanished into thin air. What can you do then? To search email addresses for the people you need, don’t use the old-fashioned methods like Rapportive. There are tons of modern ways how to get email addresses, and you can do it in less than 30 seconds. 

Our article is devoted not only to finding electronic data but also to the importance of verifying it. We will show you how this can be done using the api email validation easily, quickly, and affordably. 

Correct email address, why is it so important?

Did you know that only just a little more than 8% of informational emails are answered? The thing is that many of us don’t bother to find the correct contact details when sending. And even if we found some, then we make mistakes when filling out the “To” field.

But why do we even need to find an email? Surely, you are familiar with the situation when you know for sure that in a prestigious company where you have long dreamed of working the recruitment of employees is taking place. But here’s the trouble! There’s no way you can find the HR manager’s email address. Yes, there are a lot of similar situations, but they won’t make it any easier. Okay, let’s stop torturing you and show you some clever tricks on how to find someone.

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Search criteria: name, company name, website

Just use some logic. For example, you only have the first and last name of the person whose email address you are looking for so hard. The fact is that most people have mailing addresses based on this data. Use the assumptions and the most common templates that companies use when assigning contact information to employees. So, almost 50% of companies use the following format: {first}@company.com. 

You can also make an assumption based on similar addresses of other employees of a particular company. For example, you need a CEO, and the site displays the email of his secretary or executive director. Adopt the principle of creating e-mails, and you will easily find a person by email.

Unleash the full potential of the Google search engine using keywords such as first name, last name, company name, previous place of work, position, contact details of the person for whom the person you were looking for used to work, website. Do not be afraid to make your search more specific and add as much information as possible. 

How is bulk search for email addresses by domains carried out?

Once you have information such as email names and domains, finding people’s email addresses is easy as pie! You can use several common patterns, for example:

  • (first name)@company.com;
  • (first name).(last name)@company.com;
  • (first name last name)@company.com;
  • (initial letter of name).(last name)@company.com.

Or stop wasting time on routine work and entrust this business to professionals. After all, many effective services will quickly find the necessary email: Find That Email, Finder Expert, Snov.io, Voila Norbert, Hunter, and others.

The list of potential addresses is great, but take your time!

The list of suggested email addresses is great as your searches have narrowed significantly. But do not rush to send emails to these contacts. After all, erroneous data can turn into the fact that the person to whom you write will send your letter to spam or complain. But you don’t need this at all. Do the following with your list: use email list hygiene services to clear the database of non-existent and invalid contacts, spam traps, and other garbage that you managed to collect during your search. 

For more information about gmail spam folder

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Establishing contact with the right people at the right time

We advise you to stick to 2 golden rules. The first is that you must not give up when you search email addresses, and the second is not to spam people! Always check the information carefully by any means you can before sending a message to anyone. Also, think about what time is the best to send mailing: this applies to different time zones and the “dead” period of time when most of the correspondence goes unnoticed. Remember, the one who seeks always finds! Good luck!