A Guide for Bass Fishing in 2021

Rohan Mathew

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We will be diving into a short guide of the basics of Bass fishing in 2021, the times have changed and so have the rules of the game. In this article, we will be talking about how to make the most of your next fishing trip by updating your fishing guide for the new age. We will be discussing the changes to the art of bass fishing

All modern-day bass anglers have the distinct opportunity to make their next fishing trip a lot more fun, a lot safer, and a lot more practical at the same time by utilizing the right gear, the right tools, and the new technology available in this day and age. If used correctly, a bass angler easily becomes a bass pro just by using the technology available to them. There are certain advancements we would love for you to check out, and the list below are just some of the things you have to consider if you want to be a bass angler in 2021.

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How to prepare your tacklebox

Make sure you establish a sense of order when you prepare your tackle box, in the chaos of the new age, it can’t hurt to make sure that all your tackle boxes are organized and ready to go. As a bass angler in the new age, you must keep all your tools, lines, hooks, kits, organized and in separate tackle boxes so that you know what exactly you are looking for and where you can get it.  Organize your bait according to priority and make sure that you are always stocked up on bait that you need on the go, luckily in this new age, you can use waterproof tackle boxes on your next trip to avoid damage to any of your gear if any unfortunate water-related incidents happen on your next adventure 

Make sure to take inventory of all your gear

When preparing for your next journey as a bass angler, take note of how much you still have left over from your last trip. Go through each tackle box and check if you have enough bait, enough hooks, enough lines, and the like. The inconvenience caused by going back and forth or stopping a whole trip altogether to stop by a fishing shop can change the mood of any bass angler. Before leaving the house, make sure you have enough of everything.

Don’t ignore online retailers

We live in a time where anything is available at the tip of our fingers. Make sure to keep track on fishing shop websites and personal shops for the best deals on the best gear. If you go through the internet and are thorough enough to check different pages, you can always find the best deals for used and brand new items for your next big fishing trip. Social media sites can also provide a marketplace for you to go through when looking for surplus or second-hand gear. Be wary when purchasing online though, make sure that you are able to check out the surplus gear before purchasing it in order to assure its quality and durability. 

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Keep up to date with the Bass Fishing Regulations

Since this has definitely been a rough year for all bass anglers due to the pandemic, updates have been made to the bass fishing regulations to ensure the safety of all the bass anglers who are currently active in the community. Make sure to check online and stay up to date with any regulation changes and keep yourself safe from what is currently affecting the world at the moment. Adventure is definitely out there but it can never hurt to be safe!