A Guide to Getting Tickets to Livestream Shows

Rohan Mathew

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The pandemic has changed the way in which we experience live comedy and music. Obviously, we cannot go to actual venues to enjoy our entertainment. As a result, a lot of entertainers are now starting to introduce live streaming shows. So, what are they all about, and how can you find tickets for these shows? Let’s take a look.

What is Live Streaming?

You can think of live streaming as a live show, albeit one performed via a camera.

This means that you can watch the live stream from your computer or mobile device. A lot of these entertainers are going to huge lengths to replicate the real live experience too. While live streaming is going to be a lot different from attending a real show. it is as close as many of us will get nowadays.

The major benefit of live streaming is that they tend to be much more affordable than watching a live show. You will often have the ability to go back and watch that live stream again too. If that wasn’t enough, these shows tend to feel a lot more intimate.

When you buy a ticket to a live stream, you will often be given a password and unique link that you can use to access the content.

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Buy Direct from the Entertainer

A lot of entertainers will sell access to their shows directly. So, you need to head to the website for the entertainer and buy the tickets like that. Although, fewer and fewer entertainers are offering tickets this way. It tends to be the smaller ones that may not be handling thousands of transactions each and every day.

Buy from a Reputable Online Store

Perhaps the best way to buy tickets for a live streaming show nowadays is to head to one of the various online ticket providers. Here, you will be able to see a list of all the shows that you can buy tickets for.

One of the major benefits of working with one of these reputable online stores is that, more often than not, you will discover artists offering live streams that you never even knew that they would be offering, which is fantastic! When we have gone through these lists, we have discovered top artists that we would love to watch.

These reputable online stores tend to have a better system in place for purchasing tickets too. This means that you are going to find it even easier to score tickets for the shows that you want to be watching.

Just make sure that they are a reputable vendor, though i.e. they have good reviews and, better yet, they have been personally recommended by some of the top artists around.


If you haven’t checked out a live streaming show yet, then do so. You will be surprised at how close the whole thing comes to being able to enjoy a real gig when you aren’t able to attend them in person. A lot of them are incredibly affordable too.

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