A Quick guide about Career in Humanities 

Rohan Mathew

Most of the students choose streams in 11th and 12th based on their class 10th results. If they score good marks, they jump into science/commerce without even thinking. And if they score average marks, they choose humanities and arts as their stream. So, humanities are like an optional stream if they secure bad grades.

But do you know humanities as a career offers you a brighter future? Yes! You are reading it right. Humanities are one of those streams that have never-ending career opportunities. The 12th humanities syllabus has all those subjects that let you acquire knowledge about every part of society. So, if you are a class 12th humanities student, look at some of the greatest benefits of choosing humanities as a stream.

Plethora of subjects 

One of the greatest benefits of choosing humanities as your stream is you come across many subjects. Now many of you would be thinking an increase in a subject would also increase the hassle. But humanities as a stream offer you easy subjects. There are no complex theorems or calculations like science/commerce.

Further, you will know about several things about human society. So choosing humanities as a career option would offer life-changing knowledge.

Skills in communication 

Nowadays, skills in communication are the most important part of every job. Every job that you do demands you to be smart enough. And this is where humanities come in. Humanities have subjects like journalism and mass communications that trains you to be interactive.

If you want to gain communicative skills in you, you must choose humanities as your career.

You can choose any subject and then aim for a doctorate.

Unlike any other streams, humanities offer you the freedom to choose your path. This means in the medical field/technical field, you have to choose relevant subjects. But in humanities, it is entirely different. You get absolute liberty to pick your subjects and then focus on the doctorate.

So, if you are a student willing to choose humanities as your stream, you must go for it without having any second thought.

Works as a bridge to connect

Humanities always help you obtain knowledge from all streams combined. This means it has subjects that teach you the basics of science, whereas it also has subjects that help acquire knowledge about commerce. This is why most of the students jump from their disciplines science to humanities. So, if you are a class 11th student, you must choose humanities as your career options.

Easy for preparations

Unlike any other stream, humanities offer you easy to learn subjects. That means you don’t have spent months completing the whole syllabus. In a shorter duration, you can complete your syllabus and revise it as well. Further, it is easier to access the CBSE class 12 humanities question papers. You can obtain the questions from previous years to make your preparation even more fruitful.

In conclusion, this is why you should choose humanities as your career. It helps you gain a position in several parts of the world. If you are a class 11th student, you should never take a step back from choosing humanities.

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