PDFelement for Mac 8.0 8.0: The newest PDFelement for Mac that will change how people work on PDF files!

Rohan Mathew


PDFelement is a historic software for managing and creating PDF documents that we have also been using for several years. In fact, being able to do without the use of paper, especially at a professional level and in the workplace, is a significant environmental benefit since, precisely in these environments, paper waste is often very high.

But to really do without paper we must be able to write, modify, share and above all sign documents digitally without NEVER needing to go to paper. Only in this way can we close the circle in a virtuous way without using cellulose. For this reason it is good to rely on a serious and professional PDF software that allows us to have all the necessary functions in one place. And in PDFelement we have found our right partner in doing PDF Convert.

Over time, the program has always improved its quality and its functions by introducing cutting-edge options from time to time compared to other similar software. Usable on both Windows and MAC systems, PDFelement is currently about to launch the new version 8.0 once again introducing top-of-the-range options.

Wondershare Technology has announced the latest version of PDFelement for Mac, the Wondershare PDFelement for Mac 8.0. This latest version brings various changes and improvements on all sides. PDFelement for Mac 8.0 was launched to strengthen the mobile line of PDFelement Pro for iOS. With the presence of this version, a cross-terminal experience for users of Apple products can be realized. According to Shelley Xie, Product Director of Wondershare PDFelement, version 8.0 has demonstrated the company’s commitment to further simplifying the documentation process involving PDF files. For her, this version will change how users can work with PDF files.

Here are the so-called new features in version 8.0: 

– Transparent UI/UX display that will provide a more authentic Mac experience.

– Better document conversion quality. About 50% better.

– Increased start-up speed. The start-up speed of PDFelement and the loading of documents has been accelerated by up to 300%, and the ability to work on multiple windows simultaneously on a single page has been introduced, making work smart and even fun!

– Auto Dark and Light Mode, adapting to the latest macOS version.

– Ability to add annotations. 

– Multi-tab navigation.

– Trackpad signatures

– Optimization of the annotation list.

The main features are as follows:

– Ability to read PDF files comfortably.

– Ability to create, convert and edit PDF files.

– Ability to edit, sign PDF files.

– Ability to hide sensitive information on PDF files shared online.

– Ability to reduce PDF file size making it faster to share.

– Batch Process (available only in Pro version).

– Ability to print and share PDF files easily.

Compatibility and Price 

This version is available for Mac, Limited-time promotions are now in progress and the annual license retails for $69.99. Version 8.0 is compatible with macOS v.10.14 and macOS v.10.16. In addition, PDF provides multi-end solutions, if there are users who are also interested in PDFelement for iOS, PDFelement can still offer Satisfactory PDF solution.


The importance of “Annotation Feature” in PDFelement for Mac 8.0

To better collaborate in a team or among classmates, annotations become essential to better understand what we want to express or what our doubts are about particular points of the document. And in this PDFelement it is second to none! In fact, it allows not only to edit PDFs by adding notes and highlighting the text, but allows you to select, highlight areas, underline, cross out, insert signatures, freehand drawings, links, images, and other objects in any space of the digital sheet: possibility endless to customize and enhance your work!

In particular, PDFelement for Mac differs from other software called “PDF Editor”, which actually only allow partial editing of the PDF content, as it allows users to edit all the PDF content, even if it comes from a scan. With the latest version, PDFelement for Mac has taken a further leap forward. In fact, in addition to the addition of powerful functions that we will see shortly, it has revised all the usability of the software by improving and making the entire design of the program clearer. In fact, the user interface has been revised with a minimalist structure, simple but at the same time intuitive and powerful. This immediate approach makes it even easier to take full advantage of the many features of PDFelement for Mac by making the work to be done faster and more effective.

Finally, if you’re interested, you can get PDFelement for Mac 8.0 now.