A Trip To Hungary – Places Worth Seeing

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A Trip To Hungary – Places Worth Seeing

Hungary is a country most of us associate with good wine, peppers, goulash, water parks and a rustling language, different from all those of the neighbouring countries. The country situated ca. 400 km off the southern border of Poland is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination. But although it’s relatively close to us, we don’t always know where to start the tour. Before you set off, check out the places worth seeing in Hungary and plan your trip. 

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Budapest – beautiful at all times

The capital of Hungary lies on the Danube river – it offers an outstanding view at all times of day. While you’re there, it’s good to see the Parliament, the Chain Bridge, Elisabeth Bridge and the castle quarter. You will definitely appreciate the unique architecture and if you choose a guided tour, you will learn a lot about the long history of this place.

But Budapest is not only a centre of historical architecture. You will also find plenty of opportunities for entertainment here, also for the youngest tourists. Among the most popular attractions we could mention the Budapest ZOO and Gellért Spa, the largest thermal bath in Europe. The latter offers not only a nice treatment for the body, but also exquisite spiritual experience, because the outstanding architecture of this place will leave you breathless and leave a lasting impression long after your visit.

The Danube Bend

During your trip to Hungary you can make a plan to travel outside Budapest and see a few other cities along the Danube Bend. Those that deserve special attention include Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre. In Visegrád you will see the largest cathedral in Hungary. This city used to be the capital of Hungary in the past. Apart from the cathedral, you can also admire the 12th-century fortifications and a breathtaking view of the Danube river. In Szentendre you are in for a completely different experience. This small town has always attracted painters and other artists. This is why the place exudes a special atmosphere, which you can relish while walking along the picturesque streets of this Baroque town. Once you’ve completed a walking tour of these towns, you can go on a cruise on the Danube river and admire  them from another angle.

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You never go hungry in Hungary

But Hungary is not all architecture, history and nice views – when planning a trip, you should also consider trying a few local specialities. Hungarian cuisine is a collection of unique tastes based on local vegetables, meat, fruit and cheese. Anyone travelling to Hungary must try langos, Hungarian salami and cheese, and a range of stews this country is famous for. While you’re at the table, don’t forget to order a decanter of local wine, available in a range of varieties, and Pálinka – the traditional Hungarian fruit brandy. You’re well advised to finish your meal with a choice of local sweets. Those of you who love chocolate will appreciate “Túró Rudi”, while those who prefer cake should try “Kürtőskalács”.