Academic Transcripts: A Guide for College Graduates

Rohan Mathew

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You’ve been struggling in one of your college classes for a while now. After taking your final exam, you’re pretty confident that you failed.

It’s no big deal, right? You can take the class again next semester and hopefully pass. While it is true that you can have one last go at the class, the F you got will go on your academic transcripts.

College transcripts are basically permanent records for students. Everything you’ve ever done during your academic career goes on it. So, why is this such a big deal? Check out this guide to find out everything you need to know.

What is Your College Transcript?

Your college transcript is a detailed record of how you performed while you were in school. It will list all the classes that you’ve ever taken, including the ones you dropped in some cases. Anyone who looks at it will be able to see what grade you got in the classes, as well.

Your transcript isn’t just a detailed report card. A bunch of other things goes on it such as your student information, a list of all the institutions you attended, any awards you got, and your GPA. If you ever went on academic probation, that will be on the transcript too.

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How Can You Get a Copy of it?

Your transcript records will follow you no matter where you go. It stands to reason that you should have a copy of it. You can get unofficial transcripts by printing them from your student account in most cases.

You can also get a copy from Same Day Diplomas, but it won’t be official so, you can’t use it for anything. To get an official transcript, you’ll have to get in touch with your school. They can provide you with a sealed and stamped copy that almost any school or employer will recognize.

Will You Need a Transcript to Apply to School?

So, you did poorly at one school and would like to start fresh by transferring to another. Do you have to send your transcript off to another school so they can see your horrible history?

Sadly, most schools do require you to send a copy of your transcripts to them before they’ll consider you for admissions. There’s also the little matter of transfer credits. Even if you only passed one class, those credits transferring over will put you closer to graduation.

Do You Need Your Transcripts After School?

The answer here is yes. If you’re planning to go to graduate school, they’ll require you to give them a copy of your transcripts. Some employers may even ask for a copy in order to make sure you have the qualifications you say you do.

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Your Guide to Academic Transcripts

Your academic transcripts are an entire record of your time in higher education. Everything will go on it from your grades to what classes you took.

These college documents will follow you everywhere in life. Even if they’re less than impressive, it’s a good idea to have a copy.

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