Advantages of Using Runtime Application Self-Protection

Rohan Mathew

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The online platform is brewing. More and more operations are shifting to the online platform. More and more companies are coming online. Thus, it can be concluded, internet and online platforms are growing and constituting a major part of today’s business world. This means that from basic to complex, every function will need to be performed online. This requires the development of new software, features regularly to facilitate the working of companies in a better and efficient manner. Such developments are important to cater to the growing audience and growing needs of performing operations effectively online.

Since it’s evident that the businesses are conducting their business through online applications and apps, so these apps and applications may suffer from the risk of theft or other fraudulent activities. Since it is known that the competition among the businesses has grown offline as well as online. And to stay ahead of everyone it is important to be active and alert with all the latest developments in the market and the software. The online applications and apps could be a possible target for people or groups who want to enter the enterprise. These groups may involve in the activities which would include penetrating the confidential information of an organization.

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The companies and businesses have to ensure that their sensitive and confidential data is kept safe, free from the reach of any fraudulent groups. With this response RASP Security  emerged. This is an application developed to track any attacks that happen on the app in real-time. It helps in keeping a real-time check upon the apps in use. This app keeps a close check up on the app when the app is in use. It checks the app about the input that is given to the app and the context of the behavior. If any abnormality is found about these two, it will be quick in informing about the same. Using this app, attacks on the apps by external factors can be mitigated and eliminated that too in no time and without human intervention. This ensures a high degree of reliability and authenticity.

Various steps can be taken to ensure protection of apps-

  • Before putting the app to use, it should be tested that the app is free from vulnerability. Vulnerability means the chances of getting app easily hacked by the outsiders. Thus, before using, the app should be tested for this.
  • It needs to be assured that proper steps are undertaken during the development and quality check stage only to ensure proper protection of the app so developed. The appropriate steps should be taken much in advance.
  • It needs to be properly ensured before the actual usage of the app that they are free from any kind of defect or dangerous or suspicious content. Because if there is a defect before the installation, it will be difficult to deal with it.
  • All classes of vulnerabilities need to be checked in advance and the proper system is required to cover all such vulnerabilities.

Advantages of using runtime application self-protection-    

  • Assured security: This application assures guarantee against any attackers. Once the attacker or any suspected activity comes in the notice, the software automatically starts its defense against that act or intervention.
  • Well aware of the system: This software is completely familiar with the app, its operations, and its data. Thus, it will detect any suspicious activity before anybody else could. This familiarity ensures a high degree of accuracy in detecting any malpractices and attackers and so companies and businesses can carry out their work with a free mind and safety.
  • Clear distinction: The software can make a difference between actual attackers and any demand for information. It understands the app well enough to distinguish between real attackers and suspects. This reduces any chances of false positives and thus increases the overall efficiency of the software. It helps in detecting true attackers and save one’s time in checking or looking into a false positive and chasing dead ends.
  • Works without human intervention: The work is carried out by the software on its own without any human interference. It automatically detects attackers and also deals with such attackers on its own. This reduces the need for human intervention ensuring fewer errors and a high degree of accuracy and safety.
  • Cost-effective: This software is more cost-efficient than any other previous web security platform. The accuracy and authenticity they provide are worth the cost spent on them.

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However, it is characterized by certain limitations as well-

  • Slowing of the apps: Since this software is automatic and works on its own, it slows the overall operation and speed of the app. The dynamic nature of the software will always hamper the speed of the processes. The extend of slowing down will be realized over time. A prior estimation of the same is not possible.
  • Just a shield: The runtime application self-protection is just a shield. It is just a cover that protects the entry of any malicious attackers or harmful intervention in the already established system of the company. If the application is defective before the installation of this software, the error or attack or defect won’t be detected. Also, it cannot detect and protect against all types of vulnerabilities.

The advantages of this app are quite more and helpful than the limitations. With changing times and rapid up-gradation, this application can be easily used for dealing with such situations of constant changes. It can penetrate deep into different segments and integrations of the app to secure each part and to protect each component from different degrees of risk and uncertainty.

Companies and businesses should ensure in advance that their apps are protected against attacks at the development stage only. And also, after that during the running of these applications, they need to be protected against attacks by the installation of a proper runtime application self-protection. Its benefits are very integral in today’s time, especially when all the methods and processes of the business are conducted online which is a huge and vulnerable platform in itself.