All about Apache Log Analyzer Tools 

Rohan Mathew

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The logs are complicated. Don’t let others tell you. However, it is very helpful in understanding what is happening in the system. To move from “potentially useful” to “useful”, you need to know how to use logs. Logs are a raw record of events that occur on your system. These records show who accessed the system, how someone interacted with the system when the event occurred, and so on.

Apache Logs analyzer has different types of systems, including firewalls, servers, and applications. Apache is one of the most used server software, so let’s take the Apache server as an example. If you are running a web application on this server, hundreds to thousands of events can occur and be logged per second. And save time investigating these tools. In this post, I’ll discuss Apache’s top log analyzers,IIS Log Analyzer and viewer tools, and focuses on what they offer.

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GoAccess tool is a real-time log analyzer designed with speed. It provides two interfaces. If you want a user-friendly interface, you can use it in your browser. Alternatively, you can use a terminal-based interface. This is especially useful when connecting to the server via SSH.

GoAccess has a detailed dashboard with a customizable color scheme. The default output for GoAccess is in the terminal, but you can generate reports in HTML, JSON, and CSV formats for further processing. In addition, you can also track various web metrics such as response time and bandwidth. If you need fast log analysis, you just need GoAccess.


The ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is a log monitoring and log management tool. You can use either the agent method or the agentless method for log analysis. EventLog Analyzer collects logs from various systems and analyzes them through a log parser. You can use default or custom log parser. When complete, you can analyze the logs and then generate reports or alerts.

EventLogAnalyzer focuses on security the web servers are a common target for catching cybercriminals, and EventLog Analyzer has a variety of algorithms and vulnerability scanners designed to enhance the security of your system. It also helps audit the system and demonstrate IT compliance.

Most log analyzer tools are built for different types of systems, but the Apache Viewer HTTP Logs Viewer is an open-source log analyzer tool built specifically for web servers. The HTTP Logs Viewer tool is a great idea to monitor, view and analyze server log systems. Its search and filter options make it more powerful.


The HTTP Apache Log Analyzer and Viewer tool has the option to translate the IP address for countries search and filter the columns which are often based on IP, request and the string, data, referrer, and many others. You can visualize your data with simple, easy-to-understand charts. This is a good tool for geographic analysis and also flexible filtering 

Weblog expert

WebLog Expert is a simple and accurate log analyzer. It focuses on the job rather than the appearance and does the job well. WebLog Expert provides information about activity statistics. It notifies you about visits and hits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis the accessed file Indicates an image, page, or other file accessed. The path through the site and much more generate easy-to-read reports such as text, tables, and graphs.

You can generate reports in regular HTML, PDF, or CSV format, and you can generate dynamic HTML reports. If you do not want to integrate with the live system, you can use the saved logs for analysis. WebLog Experts can read the logs from GZ and ZIP log files.

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Log analyzer to choose

A Google search for “Apache Log Analyzer” will bring up pages with various tools. With so many tools available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for your needs. The choice of tool depends on many factors such as budget, use case, and technical expertise.  I’ve briefly described some of the top log analyzers, but the question remains. “Which one should I choose?”

Based on my experience with servers, logs, and log analysis tools, CLLAX software site is incredible. It’s a complete solution and has everything you need to manage and analyze your logs. But don’t just believe my words. Try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.