All about Baltimore, Maryland

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The greatest town in Maryland is Baltimore and is also a vital seaport on the broad estuary of the famous Patapsco River. And, in the history of America, this place was won by American forces in the 1814 war. At that time British forces torpedoed Fort McHenry for 25 hours except its giving up. And, the flag of American forces still flying on the top of the fort in the morning after torpedoing stimulated Francis Scott key’s famous poem The star-spangled banner, which grew to be the textual content of the countrywide anthem. The inner harbor is the main point of the Baltimore city, neighboring with the aid of various exceptional museums.

Having a busy Harborplace with its belvedere, famous restaurants, promenade and shops are the best Baltimore places for photography. Also, historical ships are there for tourist’s pleasure. Baltimore’s wonderful neighborhoods are one of the attractive places for tourists such as Little Italy, hip Hamden, sedate mount Vernon, and many more interesting places.

Many places include historical sites or museums and cultural things to do that consist of a framed symphony orchestra, so we can say that Baltimore affords lots of matters for photographers or tourists to see and enjoy.

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Here we want to share with you some famous historical places or monuments:

  1. From a historical point of view, national monument Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry is one of the best ancient sites or historical buildings and it was constructed from 1798 to 1803 to control the entrance of the harbor In the war of 1814, it isn’t affected by the 24-hour torpedo via 10 warships of British forces. This is also one of the best Baltimore places for photography as a historic shrine. One more thing, the 1814 original war flag now kept in the museum of American history in the American capital Washington, DC.

  1. The Washington Monument or Mount Vernon

The Washington Monument was the tallest building before Eiffel Tower in Paris between 1884 and 1889, surmounted with the statue of America’s first president George Washington and also a landmark for Mount Vernon locality in Baltimore. This place is covered by grand houses, residence museums, historical galleries, and various old shops.

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  1. Historical Fell’s Point Area

The Historic Fells Point area is an ancient location alongside the waterfront. That’s a beautiful sight and restored. This historic harbor quarter used to be as soon as the shipbuilding district of Baltimore City along with the locations of leisure for the sailors. This popular place includes restaurants, shops, cafes, and lovely markets and this place is a great example of the beauty of nature and one of the best Baltimore places for photography. water taxis is also famous in the fell’s point and it joins the fell point’s easy to the internal harbor.

  1. Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art is one of the greatest and largest art museums in Maryland with art from every side of the world, covering various art designs. It includes collections from various world-famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Cezanne.