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An explainer video is a short time online marketing video which is used to explain a company’s product or services. Whereas 2d animation explainer video is an animated video which only encapsulates to two-dimensional state space. Every object is drawn into two-dimensional state spaces. Explainer videos have a powerful influence on audiences. By Harnessing both audio and video together, an animated video increases retention rate and clarify the idea & their value.

Why will you use a 2d animation explainer video?

Human brain responses the most to narrate and particularly the idea familiar to them. An explainer video gives the audience more reason to care about your topic with a massage. The audience understands more if you show them your product or services through an explained animation video. Moreover, it is pretty much less expensive and less time-consuming. In competing with 3d animation, where 3d takes months of shooting and graphics works; 2d animation can be ready within a week, and the costs will be 4/5 time less.

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Which software can you use to create a 2d animation explainer video?

There is hundreds of software in the market by which you can create a 2d animation explainer video. Many people will suggest you use software like filmorapro, Powtoon, MotionArtist, Adobe suite etc. but most of them are expensive to buy as well as very hard to use. You will need so much time to learn about the software mentioned above. I can suggest you software which is super easy and helpful to use, which is Mango Animation Maker. This software doesn’t cost much like other professional software. You can make coloured or whiteboard 2d animation videos by this software. They offer some cool features like templates, effects to create a high-quality animation video.

How to create a 2d animation video?

To make an animated video is not an easy task. It needs your focus, efforts, and patients.

Step 1: start with a good script for the video

A good script is an essential element in making a good explainer video. It can make your work and effort into half. But it will take your majority of focus and research. It would be very best if you keep the audience in mind while creating the script. As an explainer video is not a longer one. So don’t illustrate matters in it.

Step 2: Recording the voice

Once you complete the script, you will need a voice for your video. You can make that on your voice or can hire a freelancer for the work in a meagre amount.

Step 3: Visual ideas and Characters

Making the characters and visuals of the background before making animation will save you from further disturbance. Make changes of location, time or set in scenes in keeping with the script.

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Step 4: Animation

After completing the drawing of scenes, styles, and characters, it is time for animation. This is the part where you will bring your idea and style into life. In Mango Animation Maker, you can find popular templates, free assets, and a multi-track timeline which will make your work easy. It would help if you kept your animation simple. Complexity in animation may hamper the attention of the audience. Create your animation scene by scene.

After all the work is done, now it is time to publish your work.

2d animation is the easiest way to describe any concept and also cost-effective. Most of the explainer videos are effective these days. Renowned and Big companies are advertising their product through 2d animation explained video. Creative, informative and funny animation video also increases the view time.