All You Need to Know About Night Driving Glasses

Albert Howard

All You Need to Know About Night Driving Glasses

The roads are always a busy place full of cars and people. Driving rashly or inattentively can lead to accidents at any time of the day, and there is a risk of accidents during the day and night. 

According to reports from the World Health Organization, almost 1.3 million die every year due to road accidents. There is no denying that 1.3 million deaths just because of road accidents are frighteningly high. 

Somehow the risk of road accidents increases when you are driving at night due to many reasons like a reduced vision when it’s dark, or the light is low, Myopia, Glaucoma, Cataracts, etc. This is why using night driving glasses is more important than you think they are. But let’s dig deep and widen our research!

What are Night Driving Glasses? 

As we said earlier, the risk of accidents while driving is more during the nighttime since visibility is low. Night driving glasses can help us see more clearly at night. They are of a slightly yellow-tinted shade and sometimes also come with an anti-reflective coating and need no prescriptions as such. 

Why are night driving glasses a recommendation while driving at night? 

These glasses decrease the effect of blue light since blue light has massive amounts of energy and can cause glare if it enters the Eye. The night driving glasses make sure that the blue light is scattered. 

Other than that, the yellow tint in the glasses works efficiently to reduce the brightness of the light and increase contrast. Like the sunglasses we wear during the day, these night driving glasses also filter out harmful rays and, in addition also, reduce fatigue and headaches, which increase the risk of accidents if they get too severe. By now, we are sure you might have understood the importance of night driving glasses. 

Top Tips to Drive Safely at Night

Just in case night driving glasses are not your cup of tea, here are a few tips that might help you drive safely and comfortably at night. Sometimes, being more careful will protect you more than night driving glasses can. You can be safe with a few steps of precaution because “Precaution is always better than cure.” 

  • Refractive Errors of The Eye

Refractive Errors in the Eye can be one of the reasons why we can’t see clearly. This happens mainly when the shape of our eyes does not allow the light to focus on the retina correctly and entirely. This type of issue with the Eye is not uncommon. To get rid of these, the best solution is to consult a good eye doctor and get a good pair of eyeglasses from the best eyeglasses frames brands out there in the market. 

  • Choosing the Right Pair of Eyeglasses

Choosing the right kind of eyeglasses for our eye condition and comfort is very important. Make sure that the specs you get have an anti-reflective coating which is very important since it will allow all the light to your eyes which helps in good vision during day or night. 

There are many companies where you can get good quality eyeglasses, and Lenskart night driving glasses are very good in quality and affordable. Other than that, Lenskart also has great options for eyeglasses for regular use. 

  • Clean Your Windshield

This is more important than we think it is. Not cleaning your windshield and dust remains on there can lead to increased glare to your eyes which is dangerous. Hence clean it regularly to increase chances of safe driving at night or even during the day, for that matter of fact. Similarly, also make sure that if you wear glasses, you clean them with an eyeglass cloth from time to time so you can see clearly. 

Night Driving Glasses That You Can Pick

We have quite a few recommendations for you, and we will only list the best because that’s what we do. 

  • ATTCL Night Driving Glasses

These are the best out there since they filter almost 20% of all the glare at night and come with a metal frame and photochromic lenses. It is durable and lightweight, and it also has detachable nose pads and is flexible and adjustable. 

  • Optix 55 HD Night Driving Glasses

These can be called wrap-around glasses rather than night driving glasses since they look slightly different. These glasses can fit over small eyeglasses and come with a protective case and pouch to prevent dents and scratches on the glasses. It also has an anti-reflective coating on both sides of the glasses. 

  • KastKing Polarized Night Driving Glasses

They provide protection from glare and UV light too. They are extremely flexible and very resistant to impact and pressure. They are also heat resistant which is a plus point, and their durability makes them one of the best. 

  • Polarspex HD+

This is one of those brands and night-driving glasses that merge fashion and affordability. It protects you from UVA and UVB rays, and this also comes with a protective case and is one of the most bought night driving glasses. 

Wrapping Up 

If you are one of those people who squint their eyes while driving at night and don’t know what to do about it, then with the help of the above-listed recommendations, you can settle on one of the best night driving glasses that will make driving easier, safer and fun for you. 

It is too risky to drive at night without proper eye vision and night driving glasses are the ones that will help you out. Your safety is your concern and responsibility, and it’s only you who can do something about it because all we can do is show you the right path to walk on; the rest is all up to you. Don’t forget to consult an eye doctor before purchasing the night driving glasses because that’s a must too. 

Choosing the best eyeglasses frames brand is essential to get your hands on reliable night driving glasses in the market. Lenskart provides you with the best guidance to select the perfect night glass for yourself. 

Visit their website today and get started on your hunt to find the best-in-class night glass with ease!