Apple Pencil Is Used For Sketching, Note Taking, And Other Applications

Albert Howard

Apple Pencil Is Used For Sketching, Note Taking, And Other Applications

Many people prefer to use the apple Ipad since it is compact, well designed, and lightweight. However, like most other tablets, the Ipad does not have a keypad as the default option. So while typing messages or anything on the Ipad, the user has to use his or her fingers for selecting the right alphabet. However, since fingers are often larger than the key size, the user often will accidentally choose the wrong letter resulting in mistakes, and wastage of time. To overcome this problem, the Apple pencil helps the user to precisely select the characters while typing and also can be used for drawing and other applications.


Despite advances in technology, people continue to take notes using paper and pencil or pens because it is more convenient and sometimes faster than typing. It is also easier to sketch or draw using a pen or pencil, compared to using a mouse or fingers on a tablet or IPad. However, the main disadvantage of writing using a pen is that erasing any mistake is difficult compared to a pencil sketch, a drawing that can be erased using an eraser. The Apple pencil combines the best features of pencils which are designed for use on paper, with the latest electronic technology.


The tip of the apple pencil is sensitive to pressure, and the sketch or drawing will be visible even if very less pressure is applied. There is no lag, in data transfer, the information is immediately transferred and visible. The user can change the tools used by tapping twice. It can be used on Ipads which have a screen protector. There are no moving parts in the casing, for greater durability. It has a magnetic attachment that includes ferrite magnets, so it will remain attached to the iPad and will not get misplaced. The white color pencil is compatible with iPad Pro 3rd generation, size 11 inches, and 12.9 inches. It has a white matte finish for better grip and greater comfort while it is being used.


One of the main advantages of the apple pencil is that it does not require a separate battery, it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery. It can be docked with the charging port wirelessly and wireless charging is also possible. The software is also automatically updated while charging.


Almost everyone has been using a pencil from a very young age, so it is easier to use the Apple pencil, no time is wasted learning how to use it. While it is extremely popular among Ipad users who are using it for sketching and drawing like designers, and architects, it can be used for a large number of other applications. The pencil is also used for coloring. During meetings, the pencil can be used for taking notes without obstructing the view of the user. These handwritten notes are automatically converted into text in digital format, for easier storage and retrieval using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The pencil can be used for marking emails and highlighting text in any document