Important Things You Need To Know About Apron Front Sinks

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An apron-front sink has a wide deep basin but without protruding lips at the corners. This sink doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes for installing a faucet. Drilling is during installation directly into the countertop. The most significant feature of this sink is an exposed finished front after installation. An apron-front sink has depth and width to hold many pans and pots during washing. This sink type is popular for its ergonomic functionality, visual appeal, and large size.

What is a fireclay apron sink?

Original apron front sinks were made with ultra-durable fire clay. This explains the extreme resilience and versatility of this classy and trendy sink. Keep in mind that clay for making this sink is only in particular regions.

This makes the fireclay clay sink a unique investment. The sink is hard and has extreme resistance to cracking, chipping, and rusting. These sinks come with handcrafted quality giving them a special appeal.

Fireclay vs. porcelain sink

There is a significant difference between porcelain and a fireclay sink despite the resemblance. Porcelain is white ceramic made from a blend of materials including kaolin and clay. It is heated at lower temperatures in a kiln.

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Porcelain sinks are prone to scratches, stains, and chips. It is no wonder that porcelain sinks are more in the bathroom than in the kitchen, unlike fireclay sinks. However, each sink requires regular care to make it last for decades.


Configurations and sizes vary when to shop for apron front sinks. The most popular color is white with 33 or 30 inches. Equally important to note is that your kitchen determines the size of the fireclay sink. Kitchens with a larger space and layout need a larger sink. Sink width at the back is significant to allow ample bowl space the countertop supports.

There need for enough space at the back for installing the sink faucet and other accessories. Equally important is leaving enough room for cleaning behind the faucet. Luckily, you can install a wall-mounted faucet if you lack space.

Configuration options

After selecting the ideal size for your apron front sink, the configuration is important too. The options include a single bowl or double bowl sink each with advantages and disadvantages.

A single bowl fire clay apron sink offers ample space for stacking dishes, watering plants, baking trays, and bathing a pet or a baby.

The double bowl sink makes separating dirty dishes from clean ones easier. This allows continuing to use one of the bowls for preparing food or drying clean dishes.

Modern vs. traditional design

The style of apron front sinks varies from traditional to modern. Traditional apron front sinks are more popular in cottages, Victorian homes, and farmhouses. These sinks today come in various colors and styles to make a bold statement everywhere.

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Modern apron front sinks have thinner wall thickness and smooth apron-like front with straight or slightly rounded corners. These sinks come in gray, plain white, or other colors with a matte finish. Traditional apron front sinks have rounded corners, apron design with fluted front, and thicker walls giving it a vintage look.

Installing a faucet

A well-chosen faucet for an apron front sink significantly enhances the overall look of the kitchen. There is a chance of getting overwhelmed by the number of finishes, brands, styles, features, and colors in the market.

The sink doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes for the faucet, so it is installed on the wall or countertop. Check the back of the sink to determine space enough for cleaning and installing the faucet behind the wall.

Double-check and take accurate measurements to select the right spout reach and height. The finish of the faucet should match the overall décor in the kitchen. Avoid picking a beautiful finish that will wear off shortly.

A chrome finish is a durable choice although it might not match the kitchen design palette nickel is a good choice. The faucet should match the water lines and you have to check the size of the shutoff valve. A professional installer can replace the valves before installing the faucet. All in all, check the countertop thickness and water lines.

Fireclay apron front sink cleaning don’t

  • Using abrasive cleaners that dull and scratch sink surface
  • Aggressive chemical solutions
  • Oven cleaners or paint removers
  • Abrasive material like scouring pad or steel wool to limit discoloration
  • Storing containers under the sink with materials like acid, or water stain removal

Wrapping up

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. So, you have to take the time to make it look appealing. Apart from décor, accessories in the kitchen matter. The choice of sink can make or break your kitchen appeal.

A white apron front sink is a good choice. These sinks enhance the overall look of the kitchen, are large enough to support cleaning various dishes or preparing food. You can get an apron front sink in a configuration, size, and color of your choice.