How to Pick the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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It’s possible to escape a car accident without injuries. But when it comes to motorcycle accidents, the rider will rarely escape without a serious injury. This means motorcyclists are at greater risk of suffering severe injuries regardless of the magnitude of the accident.

Every year, tens of thousands of people get into motorcycle accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded more than 4,985 deaths due to motorcycle accidents in 2018.

You need the best motorcycle accident lawyer to help you pursue compensation when you or your loved ones get injured in such accidents. Whether you get compensated or not highly depend on the lawyer representing you, this article provides you with a guide to help you find the best motorcycle lawyer.

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Consider Hiring Local

Never go far when looking for a good motorcycle attorney. If you find an out of state law firm, the chances are that they’ll refer your case to another firm near you. This way, you will have a very limited say when choosing an attorney to work on your case.

Check out lawyers within your city or country. You’ll get to work with someone who understands all the legalities in your state and familiar with the court proceedings. They’re also familiar with the people around; hence will understand how to handle your specific case.

Check the Business Credentials of the Law Firm

A reputable law firm should have a business license. They should be licensed by the local licensing authorities and permitted to offer their services. Don’t fall victim to scams simply because you didn’t take time to review your law firm’s credentials.

Motorcycle personal injury lawyer is either licensed privately or work under a law firm. Whether privately or under a law firm, make sure you check to confirm that their license is active. This is the best way to avoid scams and ensure you work with a reputable attorney.

Check Online Reviews to Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Thanks to the internet, finding the best lawyer after a motorcycle accident is only a few clicks away. Google is always a good platform to start your search for attorneys that will give you’re the best services. A simple search for a law firm name yields dozens of results, including reviews.

If you settle for a firm like DeMayo Law Offices, go the extra mile to see what their previous clients say about them. Check their ratings and detailed analysis from Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell.

The Avvo rating includes client satisfaction surveys as well as reviews from other lawyers. Martindale-Hubbell contains reviews from clients and peers. It focuses on the response skills and communication of the lawyers. 

Make these sites your friends if you need to understand where your selected law firm stands.

Check the Attorney’s Experience in Law Practice

A motorcycle accident attorney with experience understands all the ins and outs of such cases. They know what to expect and prepare for all the possible arguments that can come up. They’re familiar with the courts, know the procedures to follow, and have the law on their figure tips.

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Don’t choose someone that will be learning from your case unless you want to get minimal compensation or risk getting denied. Ask the attorney about their experience and when they started practicing law. Let them give you their portfolio so that you can see the number of clients they’ve represented before.

Review the Lawyer’s Track Record

Consider your attorney’s track record, especially when it comes to cases like yours. How the results of their past motorcycle accident cases turned out is an indication of how yours will. If they have a good record of success, you rest assured you have a high chance of winning your case.

A good motorcycle injury attorney will have no trouble giving you references from their past clients. Ask the clients what they think about the attorney’s services and if they were happy. If the case happens to go to court, the attorney should have a record of success in trials.

A good track record should also mean that the attorney has a clean disciplinary record. They should not have any complaints under their names and haven’t faced a disciplinary committee in the past.

Check the Law Firm’s Specialty

Sometimes you can find yourself in the hand of general practitioners. Well, these lawyers can still give you the best representation but not as well as that of those who only focus on motorcycle accidents. Don’t go for those who handle general practices, including criminal defense, personal injury, and real estate, among others.

The attorneys who handle occasional motorcycle cases do not have the same experience as those that only concentrate on personal injury. Specializing in one law area means the lawyer will give it their all as their lives revolve around such cases. Ask your attorney how often they handle motorcycle cases and how much percentage of their law practice goes to that.

Work With a Communicative Lawyer

Motorcycle attorneys will not dedicate their full time to your case since they have other clients. But they should create time for your case when you need them. Communication is very important in your case, whether in person or on the phone.

Pay attention to your attorney’s responsiveness to your inquiries.

Can you get them on call whenever you call, or does it always go to a voicemail? How quickly do they respond to emails or text messages? Do they schedule face to face meetings once in a while?

Your answers to these questions will determine whether you’re working with a responsive attorney or not. The kind of communication they maintain will also tell you whether they care about your case or not.

Take Your Time to Choose a Good Attorney

Choosing the best motorcycle accident lawyer to help your file for your accident claim is the best thing to do if you want to succeed. Take time to research, ask all the questions, read reviews, and only hire when you’re satisfied. Try to find an attorney that focuses on personal injury law if you want the best representation.

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