Are Fake Google Reviews Illegal: You Need to Know

Rohan Mathew

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Is Google Reviews Illegal?

In recent times, it is easy to buy fake google reviews. By paying fees to online companies, you can do that. Even you can talk to any freelancers on the various marketplace. They are ready to provide tempting reviews offers. However, it is not always good to buy reviews by alluring to see various offers. Generally, fake Google reviews can bring unexpected outcomes for a site. There is no doubt that fake google reviews are illegal.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the right to give you the authorities’ fined punishment by Google.

19 reputed companies had to pay price in 2013 due to buying fake reviews. Apart from that, car dealerships added fake reviews, and they had to pay $3.6 million

Therefore, any business should think twice before buying fake reviews. However, you can purchase fake google reviews even today but from the authorized site. 

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Google Action 0n buying fake reviews

Generally, google removes reviews if it seems to be fake. In addition, you will lose fake reviews in a moment if google releases an update. Usually, google provides an algorithm update for spotting fake reviews. However, google cannot crack down thoroughly on every review. Nevertheless, once google detects, they remove fake reviews systematically. Between positive and negative reviews, this is a way to filter out good reviews. Therefore, why are you wasting money on buying reviews and putting yourself in risk?

Companies buy positive ratings for their excellent impression. On the other hand, some want to harm competitors by using negative ratings. In any case, customers do not know who wrote the reviews. Fake reviews are not pleasant things. It could deceive customers with wrong information. It equally destroys your reputation too. 

Legal affairs on fake reviews

In addition, there are legal problems with fake ratings since it violates the Terms of Use. Because this illegal activity does not belong to the review platform, it can eventually lead to suspension. 

If any company buys fake reviews, liability goes to themselves. In this case, there are two parties, like consumer protection groups and competitors. Both parties can report companies those who display fake ratings on the web. 

If you close competitors, wants to let you down, they use techniques. They are warned and be forced to stop their tactics of using fake ratings. It could be expensive for advised companies because they are doing it intentionally for belittling, your company. 

In reality, it is tough to find out proof of fake reviews. Any kind of damaging activities made by competitors needs observation. It could be one the fastest way to save the company’s goodwill. 

Nevertheless, there is no guaranteed trust in ratings. Besides, there are some authentic reviews and ratings. Often it can be so emotional and can be overstated. Therefore, you cannot ignore them as well. 

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Should you buy Fake Google reviews? 

Still, people buy fake reviews. However, there is no use of purchasing reviews if they get invisible after google update. The best way is to fight with fake reviews is positive and authentic reviews. Also, find a lawyer to stop your competitor’s lousy marketing policy on you.

Lastly, you can buy fake google reviews from the most reliable reviews and rating specialists. In fact, it is not illegal if the service maintains rules of service. As you know, Google made some guidelines on it. has been serving thousands of businesses to grow. Importantly they follow all the terms and conditions for service to the customers. Remember, if you buy fake reviews from an inexperienced one you will pay the price. 


However, potential customers will trust on overall picture of a company. Positive and negative reviews are part of a company. A company with 75% good google reviews is easily trustable. On the other, if a company has no bad reviews, it seems to be suspicious. For this reason, most customers want to see the authentic overall picture of a Update your studies and learn more about reviews service policies.