Avoid Excessive Trading in 3 Easy Steps

Rohan Mathew

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Spending only a few minutes looking at the market trends can provide you with extensive knowledge and vivid ideas regarding profitable stock and currency trading. However, that requires a firm grasp and understanding of the concept that may not be possible for beginner traders who possess almost no experience in trading.

Many reports and sources suggest that the number of active Forex traders worldwide is somewhere between 10 million and 14 million people. This sums up and proves that Forex trading is not only popular but also appears profitable to many people around the world.

But before you engage in Forex trading with dreams of earning huge profits, take a look at 3 easy steps to avoid excessive trading. More importantly, if you are already engaging in excessive trading patterns, then these 3 easy steps could be your way out of overtrading.

3 Easy Steps to Avoid Excessive Trading

Although gambling is entirely different than professional trading, sometimes, rookie traders will forget and start engaging in investments similar to gambling styles. In reality, it is the compulsive nature and the habit of chasing losses or wanting to earn more after every small or big profit that turns traders into over-traders in a short period of time.

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  • Maintain a Set Plan

Creating a plan is as essential as the trading capital itself. A trading plan, for example, will outline the criteria and certain guidelines specifications to enter and exit while also managing profits in a trade position.

A set goal means that you can now formulate a strategy to reach it. Hence, you get a clear vision of where you are now and where you want to be in the future. What mostly happens is that during compulsive behavior and excessive trading, a trader will lose the grasp over their main aims.

Thus, they will lose the sense of direction when trading that can potentially lead to substantial losses. Nevertheless, utilizing modern technology bears fruit almost instantly in the case of trading. The up-to-date knowledge and the availability of useful resources make it easy to revise your goals and plans.

Consequently, you are able to focus on your aim and work your way towards it. Sticking to the plan is not only beneficial to you in terms of profit but also experience and expertise.

  • Acknowledge the Stopping Point and Criteria

One thing that turns winners into losers almost in a split second is the inability to realize the stopping point when trading. For one, not knowing when to stop does not mean that you will be able to reap the fruits of your initial investment for as long as you like.

For example, it is suitable to set a profit target that will suggest you withdraw from engaging in said trade positions any further once you have generated a specific sum of income. Not resisting the desire to gain more with every win on the trade can turn into a nightmare with one single fluctuation. 

Being emotional with your desires of profit or the sentiments of losses may predict that you require a better understanding of the trading platforms and action criteria.

  • Utilize Stop Loss

A stop loss is a fixed or predetermined amount that you set as an acceptance for each trade you hold. It is a risk factor that you handle through stop losses. All in all, it limits the broad exposure to the trade risks by minimizing the loss that you experience on each and every trade.

You might set a dollar amount or a fixed percentage, which will already predict the risk (i.e., the amount you will lose in case the movement of trade is against you). Not using stop losses is a bad practice even if you generate profits on every consecutive trade.

It is a swift measure to prevent the critical losses that you might face when engaging in excessive trading. It means minimal loss percentage with a better chance for future investments. 

Tips to Minimize Losses

For beginners, avoid engaging in Forex trading abruptly without any background information and practice. There are certain apps and platforms that enable many users to practice real-time simulated trading using artificial deposits.

What’s more, you should consider the opportunity costs of the investment capital you place in Forex, especially when you are excessively trading and using house, family, or savings funds. Consider seeking the popular trading guides and experts who help novice traders begin their professional trading careers.

In addition, start gathering crucial data, information, and news regarding world politics, economics, business trends, consumer preferences, etc. Overall, maximize your knowledge with the factors that can affect your trading strategies, profit aims, and the real predictability of future gains. Remember, even weather can affect certain trading positions.


Trading rules and guidelines do not limit your profit and investment potential. In fact, with critical thinking and proper understanding of the concepts and the correlation between some of the trading rules, you can lower the risks. Subsequently, you can effectively prevent losses in the long and short term.

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