B2B IT Customer Service Jobs

Rohan Mathew

Job Description

B2B customer service jobs in information technology revolve around the client experience. As IT involves multiple stages of the customer journey, customer service jobs in IT run the gamut from the pre-sale inquiry to post-sales troubleshooting problems.

If you enjoy helping others solve problems and have a passion for the technical field, a career in IT customer service might be a good match.

Let’s explore and learn more about what B2B customer service involves. B2B stands for business-to-business. This means that one company will sell its products or services to another company.

Customer service from a B2B viewpoint is the help or advice one business provides to another company that is using its products or services.

Basic customer service involves communicating with a client or its employees, answering any questions they have, troubleshooting problems they’re having with the product, etc. This is achieved through a call or help center, chatbots, messaging, or other ways. Many IT customer service jobs are accomplished from a helpdesk. 

If you work in IT customer service, you may have to work various shifts after hours and on weekends. This is because B2B clients have more urgent needs than business-to-consumer, or B2C, clients. A business depends on its computer system to operate at full capacity. So, any technical problem can impede how it functions.

Some IT B2B companies have a subset of customer service called technical support or an IT support specialist. It is distinct from traditional customer service in that these support specialists must have more technical knowledge than a regular customer service representative. An IT support specialist might help a client with connectivity issues, slow performance of their computer systems, or when a client can’t access needed data.

Often, IT customer service reps or support specialists can help a client over the phone or through messaging or email conversations. However, frequently, when it comes to highly technical products, an issue has to be addressed onsite at the business. In that case, the IT customer service rep would dispatch a technician to the site to handle repairs.

IT Customer Service Jobs Salaries

According to the BLS, customer service representatives earn an average annual salary of $35,830 per year, or $17.23 an hour. Computer support specialists earn a higher salary of $55,510 a year, or $26.69 an hour.

For Instances

  • The staffing company, Insight Global, is seeking IT customer service representatives all across the U.S., including its locations in Georgia, Maryland, California, Texas, and more.
  • Konica Minolta is hiring for IT customer service jobs around the country. These roles perform remote and in-personal customer support to keep businesses moving. 
  • Accenture is looking for all levels of IT customer service workers from coast to coast, including its New York, Kansas, Michigan locations.

Training and Requirements

A job in customer service requires that you are patient and have excellent listening and communication skills. An IT customer service representative or support specialist will also need to be knowledgeable about computer and electronic systems and software.

That’s because most of the problems clients will have will relate to technological products and services. You will need to be able to educate workers and clients and field and answer any questions they have as well as help them to troubleshoot problems.

As a client explains an issue, you will need to understand the problem from a technical level while communicating with them in more laymen’s terms.

Good soft skills to have for an IT customer service job are inquisitive and logical thinking, an analytical mind, and above-average intelligence. You’ll also need to be detail-oriented, organized, and work well with other team members.