Marketing Jobs

Rohan Mathew

Job Description

Marketers are the brains and mouthpiece behind getting the word out about their company’s services and products. What once was limited to advertising campaigns or sales has expanded well beyond that. Marketing jobs involve convincing customers or clients that they should trust your company and buy its services or goods.

A marketer might create advertising campaigns, monitor trends in the market, and develop targets and strategies to enhance brand awareness. 

Marketing jobs encompass careers in public relations, digital marketing, marketing analyst, social media, graphic design, sales, media planning, web design, and more. 

Marketing managers and research analysts are two of the most in-demand marketing jobs in the U.S. today. 

A marketing manager helps an organization gauge the demand for its products or services while also sizing up the competition. In essence, the marketing manager identifies the target buyer for the product. They also help to develop strategies and a marketing plan that will help the company maximize its profits. Marketing managers work with other essential staff, such as public relations, sales teams, and product development teams.

A market research analyst studies a product or service’s market conditions to help them forecast sales trends. Research analysts learn which products people want, identify a target buyer, and evaluate the best price to offer the product or service. The marketing analyst will also measure how effective a marketing program is and may utilize data from research to draw important conclusions. Once a marketing analyst has the needed data, they prepare and present significant findings compiled into a report to management and clients.

A marketer will also want to be an expert in the industry, product, or service they are promoting. Understanding consumer behavior, market research abilities, competitor analysis, and more are also essential.

For instance, in order to become an effective marketer for biomedical equipment or a biotech company, one will want to be as much of an expert about the product as its creator.

Marketing jobs have individual job duties across many specialized roles, which in 2022 includes traditional marketing jobs as well as digital marketing roles.

If you’re an observant analyzer who is creative, a marketing job might be the perfect career path.

Marketing Jobs Salaries

The salary for marketing jobs depends on the role. For instance, a marketing research analyst job pays a median salary of $65,810 a year, or $31.64 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand, a marketing manager earns an average salary of $141,490 per year, or $68.03 an hour.

For Instances

  • Rapid Micro Biosystems has available marketing jobs in both the United States and Europe. Join an international team working towards a brighter future for pharmaceuticals and the patients they serve.
  • Atricure has a couple of marketing job openings at its Ohio and Minnesota locations. Applicants with a biomedical engineering or marketing degree will stand the best chance of landing a job with the medical device manufacturer.
  • MP Biomedical is listing marketing jobs on its website and is seeking candidates for Director of Marketing, Sales Enablement Manger, E-commerce Specialist, and more, for its Solon, Ohio location as well as remote opportunities.

Training and Requirements

The educational requirements needed for marketing jobs will depend on the employer and industry you work in. For instance, many digital marketing agencies might just require you to take a couple of courses online.

But a major specialized company such as one in the medical or engineering field is likely to require a bachelor’s degree in marketing to gain an entry-level job, or a master’s degree in marketing, or an MBA, to be hired for a top-level position such as a marketing manager.

You’ll also want to show experience in a related field like advertising, sales, or promotions, if at all possible. Internships are also helpful and can give you a competitive advantage while building experience for the job.

Soft skills such as a good personality with excellent communication skills, strong research skills, analytical prowess, organizational and problem-solving skills, and leadership skills are also outstanding credentials to have. 

There may be other skills that are vital for certain positions. For instance, a marketing analyst will need to be better than average with numbers and have an analytical way of evaluating things. You’ll also need to be able to think logically and sequentially and have the technical skills required to do the job. This might include understanding statistical analysis software, survey software, data mining, business intelligence, reporting software, and more.