Best 3 ways to spy on iPhone without iCloud password

Rohan Mathew



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We all have our moments of doubt when it comes to smartphone and our closed ones using one. Sometimes spouses may want to show each other how faithful they are to each other and maybe sometimes parents want to keep a note of their children’s online activity. It has come this point, where technology has become quite capable of helping us however, we want to bend the rules and or even break them sometimes without causing any casualties. Is has become super easy to track and monitor smartphones. Even smartphones with iOS interface. How fascinating is that? Furthermore, technology has come this far that now it is possible to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing about it and we shall discus that in our article.

  • Aispyer for iOS

For starters, Aispyer for iOS is a desktop application which can be used to spy on iPhone without iCloud password. If you are looking for the How to track an iPhone then the Aispyer for iOS is the best option or you. This desktop application works on the windows and Mac both types of operating system computers. It is mainly developed to track the data of the iOS devices with a backup on the computer. If you have a backup of the target iPhone on your computer then you can easily track the all files of target iOS device within few seconds. Aispyer enables you to monitor location, calls and even social media applications.

Key features

  • The application can easily monitor the target device data without knowing the target user if you have the backup of the target phone on the computer.
  • Aispyer for iOS can seamlessly monitor social media applications including Facebook, WhatsApp, FaceTime and many other social media applications.
  • It can also show you internet browsing history, URLs, bookmarks of the target iOS devices.
  • The desktop program is capable in reading all types of data of the target iOS devices.
  • With the help of Aisyer for iOS, you can easily access the photos and videos of the target iOS device.
  • It can show you call history of the target iOS devices and you can view call time, numbers, and duration and call time as well.

How to spy on iPhone without iCloud password?

Before we begin the process of installing and setting up the application it is important to purchase an appropriate plan according to your needs.

Step 1: Create an account for free

At first, you will have to visit the Aispyer website by clicking on link here. Click on the “Sign Up Free” button that you see on the top-right corner of the official website. Then, you will have to select a pricing plan that suits your budget.

Step 2: Download and Install

You will have to download it after selecting a plan and install it on your computer. You will be receiving an email on the registered email id with the download link. Follow the setup instructions and complete the process of installation.

Step 3: Login and view data

Backup the target iOS devices data to the computer now or you can select a backup file if it is available there on your computer. Now launch the Aispyer for iOS and login to your account to view all the data. The software will now automatically detect the data and show on your system screen.

  • mSpy 

mSpy is known to be one of the best applications for iPhone monitoring and spying which can be used both on smartphones and computers. This application can be used to monitor and track several social media applications and at the same time you can track the GPS location of the device and regular SMS text messages.


  • To manage calls.
  • Track text messages including emails
  • GPS tracking
  • Track internet usage and history
  • Access to calendar and address book
  • Unlimited devices can be tracked at the same time.


  • Requires Apple ID and password.
  • Requires iCloud ID and password.
  • Requires device passwords and pins.
  • Spyic

It is one of the few first tracking and monitoring applications to have been on the market which enables you tacking a device with the help of device’s mobile number, that too, for free. This application requires no jailbreaking neither does it need installation and setting up. This is a seamless and hassle free application. It is very easy to sign up without having to download the application as it is online.


  • It is very user friendly with very to the point interface.
  • It is very effective with Geo-fencing technology as well as 3D street view.
  • It is capable of providing current and older location.
  • It is risk free and completely safe to use.


  • Has very limited features for iOS interface devices.
  • Offers only free demos.
  • Requires premium version for additional features.
  • Premium version requires jailbreak.
  • Requires Apple Id and password, iCloud password for additional features.