Top 3 Best Bench Grinder Machines

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There are many bench grinders machines in the market when selecting one best bench grinder from them we have to consider many factors. We are here for your help. We have brought the 3 best bench grinders for you that are the best ones in the market. Let us begin with knowing a bench grinder.

best bench grinders

A Bench Grinder is a benchtop machine that is used to drive abrasive wheels. It is majorly used to hand grind different cutting tools and for rough grinding. These machines are fixed on the worktop so there is not lots of flexibility in them.  There are many various uses of bench grinder machines.

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Top 3 Best Bench Grinder Machines

Let us begin with a glimpse of the 3 best 8-inch bench grinders first.

  1. Jet 577102 JBG – 8A (8 inches)
  2. Metabo DS 200 (8 inches)
  3. Dewalt DW758 (8 inches)

3 Best Bench Grinder Machines

Before you decide which bench grinder machine to buy have a brief look at the 5 best bench Grinder machines. Below we have mentioned the details for you.

  1. Jet 577102 JBG – 8A (8 inches)

Jet 577102 JBG is the best bench grinder for cleaning, sharpening, and buffing. Apart from this it also removes rust or burs from metal.  It comes with 36-grit and 60 grit 8-inch wheels for versatility. It has 1-horsepower and it sits on rubber foot so that the unwanted movement does not happen. The Jet bench grinder also includes one coarse and one fine grinding wheels. You also get an easy adjusting spark guard.


  • The ball-bearing is pre-lubricated so that the motor shafts stay clear.
  • You get 2 different wheels for use on different projects.

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  1. Metabo DS 200 (8 inches)

The reason why the Metabo bench grinder is in this list of the best bench grinder machines is that it makes the lowest noise and vibration plus it has a maintenance-free induction motor. It has Robust die-cast aluminum covers that are protective. It also has a restart protection feature that will prevent an unintentional start when a power supply is interrupted. For safety, the vibration dampening has rubber feet.


  • It has a very simple dual-colored switch for on and off that makes it easy for the functioning of the machine.
  • It has 3570 RMP that means it can do all the industrial-grade heavy jobs for you.

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  1. Dewalt DW758 (8 inches)

Are you looking for a best heavy duty bench grinder that is perfect for all types of grinder operations? If yes, then DeWalt DW758 is a perfect option for you. This DeWalt bench grinder can perform tasks like sharpening the tools, deburring, removal of rust, and also shaping party very efficiently. It is also capable of cleaning objects. It is powered by ¾ horsepower induction motor. The distance between wheels id 12-1/2 inch for longer grinding applications.

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  • It has a spark deflector that also protects the user’s fingers etc. from the grinding wheel.
  • It has an eye shield that stops the bits and pieces to encounter the user.

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Who makes the best bench grinders?

Jet, DeWalt, Metabo are some of the best bench grinder makers

6 inches or 8 inches which bench grinder should I buy?

6-inch grinder is good if you need it for average tasks but if you want to work with some extra power then a 7 to 8-inch grinder machine is suggested for you.


We have mentioned the top 3 machines that are capable of doing powerful and good work. We hope the details mention in the article are helpful for you and helps you select the best bench grinder machine for you.