Best Children Movies To Watch With Your Kids

Rohan Mathew

Children’s movies take us back in time. 

These are movies that we grew up with, that made us laugh, made us cry, taught us life lessons, and so on. 

However, we have compiled a list of some of the best children’s movies that you can watch with your kids in this article.

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So, let’s find the best children’s movies to watch this year: 

1: Toy Story

The plot is exceptional, the characters are well-designed, and the movie is produced entirely on the computer. 

Welcome: Toy Story.

Once your child watches this movie, his mind will be prepared to capture toys that come to life when nobody is watching them. 

Toy Story also introduces kids to essential entertainment tropes like mismatched odd couples (Buzz and Woody), wisecracking leading men, cultural references, catchphrases, and delightfully-done product placement while inspiring children’s imaginations.  

2: Mary Poppins

Even though the narrative of why Mary Poppins appears on the big screen is more complicated than even the putative biography can handle, the truth is that what ended up on film became something different.  

It’s a timeless classic that’s virtually ideal in every way—from its sing-along characteristics to the relatability of being a kid trying to win the attention of overworked parents.  

Julie Andrews will undoubtedly play a significant role in your child’s early years, and they may even be interested in the notion of flying a kite by the end.

3: The Muppets

This movie is excellent to begin your child’s pop-cultural education.

There is some mild rude humor in this film that can be incomprehensible to your child, but we know that you’ll take full advantage of that. 

The Muppet Movie is a brilliant gateway drug to all the wonderful things that movies can be. 

It’s funny, witty, charming, musical, and full of love and camaraderie, and you’ll be the only one happier than your child after seeing The Muppets.

4: The Little Mermaid

Your child may not realize that this dazzling animated musical was the spotlight for Disney’s Renaissance-themed fables, but she will be enchanted by its feisty heroine.  

Ariel incites millions of girls to own red hair, while the sea-witch Ursula makes Ariel a promise to make her human temporarily so that she can meet the human prince she loves. Topping the storyline is the classic list of songs that will captivate your little one’s attention throughout.  

The Little Mermaid also has one of Disney’s most underappreciated scenes, “Les Poissons,” created to establish a lifelong passion for French nonsense.

5: Babe 

Underneath the cute talking farm animals, Babe has a tremendous moral lesson: Stay true to yourself and stand up for those doing the same thing.  

The film educates children that families can be of many shapes, sizes, and breeds that may not be understandable in the conventional sense always, but they still matter.  

However, the movie isn’t only good for kindergarten morals; it’s also a mushy, sentimental experience that rises because of how the animal families have been torn apart, as well as a foundational film for pop-cultural allusions.

6: Pinocchio 

Pinocchio is not only a fantastic vehicle for teaching a kid the necessity of speaking the truth, but it is also an excellent vehicle for breaking open the darker areas of their imaginations.  

Disney’s adaptation of the Italian fairy tale combines unsettling imagery with imaginative highlights that have become Disney hallmarks, such as travels inside a whale and on an island of naughty boys-turned-jackasses.  

You kids will love Jiminy Cricket as the voice that will keep them out of mischief because this is a song initiating a billion-dollar enterprise.

7: Beauty And The Beast

Belle comes after Ariel and decades after the classic Disney princesses, such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, in chronological order. 

However, if you want your kid to be indoctrinated by the Disney princess marketing machine, start with Belle. 

She’s a princess role model parents can praise because she’s fiercely independent and has a wonderful love of literature.  

Plus, it is the first animated picture to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture and has show-stopping music—”Be Our Guest,” which can help your kids get familiar with cinematic musicals at a young age.

Wrap It Up

Yes, we have made a small list of children’s movies that you can enjoy with your child. 

If you start watching these movies, your life will take a different turn, and you will also have a bonding moment with your kid.

Many parents yearn for these moments, and we are serving them to you right on this silver platter.

So, watch these movies now, and tell us how you’ve liked them.