Best Home Office Accessories That Can Enliven Your Workplace

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Best Home Office Accessories That Can Enliven Your Workplace

Due to COVID-19, we all have experienced multiple changes in our personal and professional life. We have been locked up for weeks and working from home culture. We have developed our own working space, which is comfortable and inspiring enough to maximize productivity. Keeping all the hassles regarding the home office environment, we have shed light on the best home office accessories

While doing work-from-home jobs, we often get bored and stressed as it is an entirely new experience for a large chunk of folks. Sometimes we get brain-dead confined in our homes, and thus we tend to lose productivity. So we have come up with this list of gadgets to boost your productivity and eliminate your boredom.

1. Adjustable laptop tray

These laptop trays are flexible enough to raise your laptop screen closer to your eye level. As a result, you can maintain a healthy posture. In addition, they are sturdy, lightweight, and sleek and enhance the aesthetic appearance of your desk. These office desk gadgets can be raised to various heights as per your preference. As a result, you can easily switch your position from sitting to standing. Most importantly, you can adjust the height of the laptop swiftly. 

However, different trays come with various additional features like the availability of a small drawer and squishy pillow bottom, and coffee stands.

2. Wrist Rest

We have included Wrist Rest as another best home office accessory to offer proper rest to your wrists. Though wrist rests are often unappreciated and forgotten office-desk accessories, they can comfort your hands and wrist during the long working session. They are manufactured with proper support and cushion. They are thoughtfully designed with supportive memory foam for greater comfort. Memory foam material provides plenty of cushion and support to your wrist. Their bottom is enhanced with textured anti-slip gel material to provide maximum stability. The plastic surfaces are effortless to clean and maintain.

 3. Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee is our fuel during working hours. It keeps us alert and fresh. Unfortunately, sometimes coffee loses its warmth because we’re prone to forget it. So rather than reaching for the microwave, you can invest in a mug warmer.

A mug warmer is a tiny hot plate placed on your desk and constantly heats your coffee cup with very little heat. It maintains an ideal drinking temperature for hours and does not overheat the beverages. These warmers look presentable with a sturdy and trendy exterior and are available in various colors. This coffee mug warmer is a natural stress buster. Moreover, they are also FCC, and UL certified for safety.

4. Cable Management Tray

Cables and wires are inevitable parts of any office desk as they connect and recharge our devices. We really can’t get rid of them, but we can manage them with cable management gadgets. It is a better solution as the tray is a great place to keep all the clutter out of view and improve the appearance of your workstation. These best home office accessories are useful tools to offer you an organized and good-looking office desk.

Their installation is straightforward, and the tray is sturdy and durable. These cable trays can be attached to wood, MDF, particleboard, and the wall. Most importantly, they come with a powder-coated steel mesh basket which enhances their durability and sustainability.

5. Charger Stand for electronics

A charging stand puts all your devices in one, an easy-to-access place for charging and decluttering your workstation. In addition, they are beneficial for charging all the devices at once without forgetting. Most of the charger stands have nearly 10 USB ports capable of outputting up to 2.4 amps, and it pairs with vertical holders for up to eight tablets or phones.

Moreover, these stands are smartly featured with a non-slip rubberized surface for better stability. They are also considerate about small devices like smartwatches and earbuds and provide separate charging areas. A charger stand is another from office desk gadgets to declutter your workplace. 

These stands charge devices with fast charging technology and save your valuable time.

6. Multi-Angle Desk Lamp

A multiple-angle desk lamp is the most preferred desk lamp as it allows you to place the light source in the exact spot you want it. It saves your eyes from unwanted stress and strain. These lights are incredibly modern and will suit your modern work set-up.

It is equipped with bright LED lights which illuminate your work surface perfectly. Its installation is effortless and fast as it comes with a clip-on clamp. These Multi-Angle Desk Lamp can stick to any surface and provide better illumination. These office accessories are worth spending as they are genuine tools to provide lighting and charm to your workplace. 

Moreover, some lamps are enhanced with trendy features like the auto-off timer, magnifying ability, super illuminating ability for late-nighters, inbuilt power bank, etc.

7. Essential Oil diffuser or candle

If you want to uplift your workstation’s mood and vibes, you can purchase an essential oil diffuser or candle of your preferred fragrance. They can soothe your nervous system and are highly efficient in releasing stress and tension. Candles of your favorite aroma enhance the aesthetic appeal of your workspace. They comfort your anxiety and lessen the work pressure miraculously. 

8. Paper Shredder

A paper shredder is a useful desk gadget for a mess-free workstation. This gadget is highly essential for the safe disposal of sensitive and confidential information and documents. You should also have a trash can or dustbin to dispose of unwanted papers and files quickly.

9. Posture Support

Posture support is essential to increase comfort while sitting and provide extra support to your spinal cord. You should consider buying a pressure relief lumbar support pillow for your back. You can also try an acupressure mat or anti-fatigue mat for standing desks to reduce your backache. Posture is a proven technique for those facing back or neck pain, and hence this device is one of the best home office accessories to maintain your posture. 


The gadgets mentioned above are highly inspiring and comfortable for boosting our confidence and productivity. They not only focus on our productivity but also take care of our mental health. Some products help us with their multifunctionality, and some save our time and energy. We can’t withstand the pressure and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic without these cool gadgets.