Best Instagram hacks being used right now

Rohan Mathew

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Instagram has become a major and favorite social network of almost all people around the world today. As a result, Instagram has also become a favorite marketing platform for enterprises and businesses.

For instance, more than 83% of users have made a purchase based on what they have discovered in the platform.

However, if you have not used Instagram before (which may be highly unlikely) or want to take the usage to the next level, there are some hidden comment features, search options, hacks, settings, and tricks that you should know about.

Best Instagram hacks that you can use

If you are an individual that wants to present your Instagram profile in the best manner possible, a marketer in the e-commerce industry, or want to showcase the culture of your company, here are some common features and tips that you should know about:

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Adding line breaks to your bio

There may have been times when you want to write a perfect bio for your Instagram profile but getting annoyed because the app removes the line breaks. There is one way to fix this problem that will help you write down the bio and make a first great impression.

You need to log into your Instagram profile on your laptop and tap on ‘Edit Profile’. Here, the settings tab will open up where you can write down your bio into the text box. Tap on ‘Submit’ and your profile will be updated with the line breaks.

Linking hashtags and other profiles into your bio

Instagram has recently started allowing its users to add hashtags and links to other profiles in your bio. All you need to do is add @ (for linking the profile) or # (for linking the hashtag) and the link will become clickable.

This is a very useful feature, especially if you are running a branded hashtag campaign or managing more than a single account. After you add the links to your bio, Instagram will automatically link the corresponding links to the hashtags and profiles. One finest tool for hashtag research is, make sure you use it to find the right, relevant, trending and popular hashtags for you.

If you’re wondering how it works, you can read a review on this app.

Appear in more search results on the explore page

Most people did not know about this – the Name field on your Instagram bio can be searched for in the Explore Page. This means that you change it to words that your Instagram business or profile is about. If you add important keywords into the Name field, the chances of your profile landing on the Explore page will be higher, especially if people are looking for those keywords.

Using presets to edit all your Instagram images

If you want to increase your brand awareness, you will have to ensure that you maintain the aesthetics of your Instagram across your stories and feed. However, editing all your pictures so that they all look the same may take some effort and time, especially if you are new to editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

In this case, you can make use of photo-editing presets, which are one-click editing tools that will increase the workflow and give all your pictures a very professional look.

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Hiding hashtags in your Instagram stories, but remain searchable

If you add an image and some texts together, the overall picture starts to look cluttered. One solution to this problem is shrinking the size of the text by pinching the text to make it smaller or bigger. Alternatively, you can also hide the text under a sticker of a GIF.

None of your followers will notice any type of difference. However, your Instagram stories will still appear on the Explore Page for that particular hashtag.

Another option you have here is to blend the text or the hashtag into the background of the story. Select a color from the text tool that is very similar to the background of the Instagram story. This method will work perfectly if the background is a solid color as well.

Reply to your Instagram comments faster

If you are running a business on your Instagram, there will be followers that will ask similar questions – and providing the answers is very important.

To do this, open your Instagram profile and tap on the button with three lines. This will open up a sidebar menu from where the settings will open up. Tap on the Settings and then on Business Settings – here, you will find the option for Quick Replies.

Then, a new window will open up where you have to assign the keyboard shortcut for the quick reply, along with what you plan on replying. Once done, you can tap on the ‘Save’ button; you can also edit or delete the quick reply later.


Instagram has a lot of hidden potentials, whether you plan to use it for personal use or your business. With the help of these simple hacks, you can be sure that your work will get much easier. Also, these hacks are not too hard to perform as well.