Best Places to Visit in Malta!

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Are you planning a holiday trip this summer? Would you like to go somewhere where its sunny every day, a place full of friendly locals, and you can unwind with what you like to do best?

Malta has it all!

On the 1st of June, the government has marked its recovery plan, funding a whopping €20 million for the tourism industry. Once again foreigners will be able to visit historical heritage sites, take part in several memorable activities and will be able to take in the breath-taking landscapes that the island prestige’s itself for.

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Let us start the list!

Valletta, Malta’s Baroque Architectural Capital City

Walking through the commercial streets of Republic street and Merchant street, you will find many typical store brands, restaurants, and coffee shops. Is Suq tal-Belt; a food market buzzing with locals and foreigners. Valletta’s famous Strait Street: A historic landmark that was frequented by American and British military, now a lively street occupied by bars and multi-cultural cuisine.

Places that hold historical value in the Capital? We’ve got you covered!

The infamous Saint John’s Co-Cathedral: A bewildering site that holds chiaroscuro paintings by Caravaggio and a collection of armoury and weapons of the Knights of St. John

The Manoel Theatre. It is the oldest operating theatre in the Commonwealth of Nations.

The National War Museum at The Fort St. Elmo and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

The Barraka Gardens – (The Lower and Upper) and the Saluting Battery that commemorates its past status by firing canons every day at mid-day.

Wander through the Magical Three Cities

You could take a ten-minute boat trip from Valletta to Birgu!

The cities Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua, all give a fantastic view that overlooks the Capital. Let us especially recommend Safe Haven Gardens in Senglea for this panoramic view.

Visit the bastioned fort in Birgu built by the Knights of St. John, Fort St Angelo. In the same location there is The Inquisitor’s Palace associated as one of the few standing of its type and the Maritime Museum, proud of its 7,000-year history located at the city’s waterfront.

Mdina – the Old Capital

What was called Citta Vecchia in the Middle Ages is now known as the Silent City of Mdina. A fortified, quiet city that is adored by tourists for its narrow and intimate streets. Within this destination, there is the oldest, 17th century St. Pauls Cathedral in Malta along with many other extraordinary palaces such as Palazzo Falson and Palazzo Vilhena.

Rabat – the neighboring town of the Silent City

After visiting Mdina, one should take the chance to explore the Catacombs – those of St. Paul’s and St. Agatha’s. The Grotto of St. Paul is also a unique site, considering it is said that St. Paul had stayed there to preach to the locals and to have initially embedded the island’s Christian values. Domvs Romana a pre-Roman home is also located in Rabat. It is now a museum that holds diverse Roman and Arab artifacts.  

And most definitely a site that should be kept on your list is to go see the Mosta Dome church. It has a fascinating story tied to it in which a bomb had fallen through its roof in 1942 and it did not explode.

Beaches, Activities and Fun!

All these beaches are remarkable tourist attractions, and we will tell you why.

Golden Bay in the North region, Mellieha. You can take part in diverse water sports here. Paradise Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha are also beautiful beaches in this region. They are all close to one another.

Gnejna Bay in Mgarr is a relatively small but pretty beach, nonetheless! And then there is the shallow waters of Pretty Bay in Birzebuggia. Perfect for family outings.

What Activities can you take part in on your trip?

Many, Many, Many!!!

Scuba Dive in Blue Grotto or Valletta and find out about our underwater gems.

Jet ski, Kanoo, Water Skii or Parasail in Golden Bay

Rent a Boat and take the opportunity to visit the Gozo and Comino islands

Try dive! There are many companies around the island for scuba diving and diving. Indulge and explore our diverse wildlife.

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Visit the National Aquarium in Qawra.

Take a day trip to Gozo or Comino.

Party in the heart of St. Julians, Paceville or the Gianpula Village in Rabat and do not forget to check Malta’s Facebook events for specific points of interest.

And most importantly, get ready to have a fantastic summer on our beautiful island.