Top 18 Best PS1 Games To Play In 2020

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Top 18 Best PS1 Games To Play In 2020

Its been 25 years since Sony launched PlayStation and since then there are many Best PS1 games that are loved to play by all. The games and characters are a gift for the gaming world from PS1.

PlayStation the disc-based console with true 3D graphics was launched in 1995 in America with the best games on PS1. It has some best RPG games and many mind-blowing racing, puzzle, horror, stealth, and action games of all time.

There are so many best selling PS1 games that it is difficult to mention every game here. Below you will read about 18 PS1 best games. If you are looking for games apart from PS1 then the games are also much fun to play

List Of 10 Best PS1 games

Before we jump into details of 18 Best PS1 games of all time have a quick glimpse at the top 10 PS1 Games List.

  1. Metal Gear Solid
  2. Resident Evil 2
  3. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
  4. Twisted Metal 3
  5. Gran Turismo 2
  6. Silent Hill
  7. Casper: Friends Around the World
  8. Tomb Raider 2
  9. Tekken 3
  10. Final Fantasy 7

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18 Best PS1 Games of All Time

Here we are with the best PS1 games that have been giving a mind-blowing gaming experience. Let’s have dive into the world of games. To know about the best games on different platforms visit Askcorran.

  1. Metal Gear Solid

The first game in this list of best PS1 games is an action-adventure game. Metal Gear Solid is just like Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 game. The game is about a soldier Solid Snake who has to infiltrate a nuclear weapon facility to stop the terrorist threat by a special force unit known as Foxhound. Soldier Snake has to save 2 hostages one is the head of DARPA and the second is the president of major arms. He has to fight and stop the terrorists from launching a nuclear attack. Metal Gear Solid has become the best PS1 action-adventure game by selling 6.03 million copies and also is one from the top-rated PS1 games.

Genre: Action-Adventure & Stealth

Release Date: September 3rd, 1998

Player Mode: Single-Player

  1. Resident Evil 2

When we think about the most popular PS1 games then the first name that comes in mind is Resident Evil 2. This game is one of the best PS1 survival horror game. In the game, you have to play as Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield and you must escape Raccoon city as every citizen there has become a zombie after the biological weapon had affected the city in the original game Resident Evil 1. You have to explore, solve puzzles, and combat to reach your destination. Resident Evil series games are not just  Best Wii games but also are the best PS1 games of all time and has 4.96 million copies sold.

Genre: Survival Horror

Release Date: January 21st, 1998

Player Mode: Single-Player

  1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

PlayStation has also given us a bunch of best PS1 Sports games and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is one of them. This is the second game under Tony Hawk’s game series. The game is as same as the first game but with improved graphics and gameplay. It is played in a 3-dimensional environment by the ambiance of rock and some hip-hop music. You have to control and play various skateboarders and perform tricks and collect objects. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 has its name in the best PS1 multiplayer games list by selling 3.02 million copies in the US.

Genre: Extreme Sports

Release Date: September 20th, 2000

Player Mode: Single-Player & Multiplayer

  1. Twisted Metal 3

Twisted Metal game Series are the best PS1 games to play alone or with friends. Twisted metal 3 is the 3rd game in the series where the game is all about an interesting competition where you have to destroy other drivers modified vehicles and be the last one to survive. After you win you get to meet the organizer of the game and you get a wish as a prize in the game.

Genre: Vehicular Combat

Release Date: October 31st, 1998

Player Mode: Single-Player & Multiplayer

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  1. Gran Turismo 2

When talking about the best PS1 games how can we forget about Gran Turismo 2, it is the one game from many best PS1 racing games and a very good sequel to Gran Turismo. In the game, you have to race on various racing tracks against artificially intelligent drivers. You can play the game on 2 different modes one is an arcade mode and the second is simulation mode. In arcade mode, you can choose vehicles as you wish but in simulation mode, you have to earn a driver’s license and pay for vehicles. You have to win various trophies to unlock many coursed. The game has nearly 650 vehicles and 27 tracks.

Genre: Sim Racing

Release Date:  December 23rd, 1999

Player Mode: Single-Plyer & Multiplayer

  1. Silent Hill

Another game in the best PS1 Games list is Silent Hill which is also known to be the best PS1 horror survival game. Silent Hill is the first game followed by many games in the series. In the game, Harry Mason is searching for his adopted daughter who is missing in an American Fictional town Silent Hill. He stumbles on a cult who is conducting a ritual where he discovers her real origin. The game has 5 possible endings and every ending depends on the player how he plays the game. It also has one funny ending.

Genre: Survival Horror

Release Date: February 23rd, 1999

Player Mode: Single Player

  1. Casper: Friends Around The World

The list of best Playstation 1 games also have some very good PS1 games for kids. Casper: Friends Around The World is the best one among the many best PS1 Kids games. This side-scrolling game has o very good 3D graphics. In the game, the cartoon character of friendly ghost Casper has to play levels while fighting his enemies by shooting Ectoplasmic energy that is in his hands. He can also fly for some limited time when he has to cross a specific level.

Genre: Action-Adventure Platform

Release Date: 2000

Player Mode: Single-Player

  1. Tomb Raider 2

Tomb Raider 2 is the best single-player game to play from PlayStation 1 games. Tomb Raider 2 is the second game in the Tomb Raider game series. The game had a mind-blowing sale of more than 8 million copies making it the best selling PS1 games. The game has the basic set up of the original game with some innovations in weapons, some new movies, and many new vehicles. This game also has an upgrade where you can save the game at any point you want to.

Genre:  Action-Adventure, Platform

Release Date:  November 21st, 1997

Player Mode:  Single Player

  1. Tekken 3

The list of best PS1 games will be incomplete if we don’t mention the best PS1 fighting games. Tekken game series has given us the best PS1 fighting games and Tekken 3 is the best one from them. Tekken 3 has the same fighting system as the previous games but with some newly added characters. This game also introduces a new feature called Tekken Force.

Genre: Fighting

Release Date: April 29th, 1998

Player Mode:  Single player& multiplayer

  1. Final Fantasy 7

The best PS1 RPG games list is very long and Final Fantasy 7 is one best of them. it is the 7th game in the Final Fantasy series of games. The game is about a mercenary man Cloud Strife who becomes a part of an eco-terrorist organization so that they can control a megacorporation to save planets life essence energy sources. Cloud and his partners have to travel and pursuit a superhuman called Sephiroth

Genre: Role-Playing(RPG)

Release Date: January 31st,1991

Player Mode: Single-player

  1. Spyro: Year of the Dragon

In the list of best PS1 games of all time, we also have the best 2D PS1 games. Spyro: Year of Dragon is named after the animal of the Chinese zodiac. The game has some boosted deviations from the previous games of the series. The objective is that you have to collect hidden dragon eggs that are in 37 different worlds. You are given some rewards for passing levels and completing certain tasks. You have to fight bosses also and collect gems that are scattered across levels and worlds. Spyro games series are known to be the best PS1 games on Vita

Genre: Platform

Release Date: October 24th, 2000

Player Mode: Single Player

  1. Castlevania: Symphony of Night

Castlevania: Symphony of Night is a sequel to the previous Classic PS1 Games of Castlevania series and is the 10th installment of the game. The game features Alucard son of the Dracula Dhampir. The game uses side-scrolling gameplay and your objective is to explore Dracula’s castle. You have to defeat the entity of the castle who can only be seen with a specific item that you have to obtain while playing the game. It’s the best PS1 games you can play and enjoy alone also.

Genre: Platform, Adventure, Action, Roleplay.

Release Date:  March 20th, 1997

Player Mode:  Single Player

  1. Assault Suit Retribution

There are some best 2 players PS1 games which you can enjoy playing one of them is Assault Suit Retribution which is also the most loved game from many best PS1 Action games. It is a shooting Combat style game. The game has an environment of outer space with aliens attacking you. You can choose from two characters that are Reno and Kelly. Both characters are of a soldier that is sent to protect the city from aliens.

Genre: Action

Release Date: November 18th, 1998

Player Mode: Single-player & Multiplayer

  1. Crash Team Racing

Racings are the best games when talking about the best multiplayer PS1 games. Crash Team Racing is a Kart racing game which was the 4th game in the series of Crash Bandicoot series. The game has the main focus on the characters of the team who race against the Nitros Oxide an egomaniac who wants to destroy the planet. There are 15 characters to choose to play the game. At first, you get only 8 options, and later as you play you get rest of them. Like other racing best PS1 games you get boosts and power-ups as an advantage to play the game.

Genre: Racing

Release Date: September 30th, 1999

Player Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer

  1. Mega Man X4

Mega game series are PS1 best games for action lovers. Mega Man X4 is the fourth game in the series. The game is set in a place were humans and Robots known as Reploids live together. You have complete stages full of action by avoiding obstacles, falling spikes, and destroy the enemy robots. After every 8 initial stages, you have to fight the boss that gives you a special ability after you defeat him.

Genre: Action, Platform

Release Date: September 1997

Player Mode: Single Player

  1. Frogger

Frogger is an upgraded version of the classic arcade game Frogger. The main objective of the game is to guide each frog to reach its homes at the top of the screen. At the start of the game, you get 3,5 or 7 frogs which depends on the settings. The game has to be played by using Joystick that is used to navigate the frogs. The game can be played as a single-player or two players

Genre: Arcade

Release Date: September 30th, 1997

Player Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

  1. Rayman

Rayman has its place in the best PS1 games because it has come up with various versions and platforms. The gameplay of Rayman is a side-scrolling platform. You play as the character of Rayman and you have to travel through six worlds where you have to free all caged Electoons that are located on each level. After you free all the electoons you have to confront Mr. Dark. The game has also made its place in the best single-player platform games.

Genre: Platform

Release Date: 1995

Player Mode: Single-player

  1. Dragon Warrior VII

Where Best PS1 games of RPG made a big place in every player’s gaming consoles, Dragon Warrior VII became everyone’s favorite. The game is the seventh installment of the Dragon Warrior game series. The main focus of the game is a Hero and his friends that discover some secret mysterious islands. You have to defeat the evils that come across when they are transported to some various islands by ancient ruins.

Genre: Role Playing

Release Date: October 31st, 2001

Player Mode: Single-player

  1. Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins

Tenchu 2 is an action-adventure game. It is a prequel of Tenxhu: Sleath Assassins. The series has its heroes Rikimaru and Ayame with their elderly master Shiunsal. The game is about controlling the character in a 3D environment with a third-person viewpoint. You have many different ninja tools and stealth to fight your enemies to complete the game. You get various locations at different times in a day like bamboo forests, mountains, beaches, villages and, many more.

Genre: Action Adventure

Release Date: 2000

Player Mode: Single Player

  1. Suikoden 2

Suikoden 2 was a much-loved game but had very limited copies. Even though the game has high reviews and some passionate followers yet it was not reprinted and only a limited run on its initial prints. This made a great game fade. The game was about recruiting 108 allies to fight. The game had a bit resemblance to Pokemon except the allies could kill and speak.

Genre: Role-playing

Release Date: 1998

Player Mode: Single Player

  1. Driver: You Are the Wheelman

The game is inspired by the movie Drivers released in the 1970s. In the game you spend hours driving in some good urban areas, eluding some authorities and completing some missions. There are various play areas in cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles. The cars in the game are authentic and every crash left a mark on the vehicles. The gameplay is very realistic and leaves players wanting to play more.

Genre: Driving + Action

Release Date: 2000

Player Mode: Single Player

  1. Klonoa: Door To Phantomile

Klonoa is a game that targeted mainly children but the game also attracted young and old people. The impressive universe and the unique gameplay was the main attraction. The platform was cute and had lots of fun which grabbed gamers towards it. This was in a 2.5D design which means the game had a 3D game engine with 2D style play. The game has a fresh platform and will be in the heart of every gamer.

Genre: Action Role-Play + sports

Release Date: 1997

Player Mode: Single Player

  1. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is a unique game created by Oddworld Inhabitants. The game has excellent visual designs and soundtrack which were pretty impressive. The game has its game engine A.L.I.V.E (Aware Lifeforms in a Virtual Environment). The game is in the Oddworld universe where the player is on a quest to defend the Oddworld ecosystem. Oddworld is the name of the planet. The allies have different personalities and also responded differently to s specific stimuli.

Genre: Cinematic

Release Date: 1997

Player Mode: Single Player, multi-player


Where To Get The Best PS1 Games For PC?

You can bet the best PS1 games via Sony’s official PSN website, you have to first sign in, subscribe and download PS Now app from the website.

What PS1 Games Hold Up The Best?

These PS1 games hold Up the best

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
  • Twisted Metal 3
  • Gran Turismo 2
  • Silent Hill
  • Casper: Friends Around the World
  • Tomb Raider 2
  • Tekken 3
  • Final Fantasy 7

How To Best Play Multi-Disc PS1 Games On Retropie?

To play multi-disc PS1 games on retropie you have to follow the process given here.

What Were The Best PS1 Games?

Best Ps1 Games Are:

  1. Metal Gear Solid
  2. Resident Evil 2
  3. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
  4. Twisted Metal 3
  5. Gran Turismo 2
  6. Silent Hill
  7. Casper: Friends Around the World
  8. Tomb Raider 2
  9. Tekken 3
  10. Final Fantasy 7

Why Was Ps1 Discontinued?

Production of the LCD “Combo Pack” ceased in 2004, when the popularity of the PlayStation began to wane in markets outside Japan. A total of 28.15 million PS One units had been sold by the time it was discontinued in March 2006.

Why Is PS1 Called PSX?

Etymology. Up until the release of the PlayStation 2, the first PlayStation console came to be known colloquially outside of Japan by its provisional codename of PSX (this was adopted to echo the MSX, a home computer standard sold by Sony and other companies throughout the 1980s).

Did PS1 Games Run At 60Fps?

PS1 launched with 12 games in NA, 5 are 60 fps. PS2 launched with 26 games in NA, 21 of those games are 60 fps PS3 launched with 13 in NA, 2 are 60 fps.

What Was The Biggest PS1 Game?

The biggest game in terms of file size on each PlayStation generation is: PlayStation 1: Final Fantasy VII with a.


Selecting the best PS1 games was a bit difficult choice because there are so many best games for PS1. We have brought to you the PS1 games’ best list of 18 games. You might have played some and some games you will play in. All the games mentioned above are the best ones to play alone or with your friends and family. These PS1 games are so popular and loved by all that many games can be found on other platforms also for example games like Tomb Raider are also one of the best VR games.

After PS1 games Sony gave us the best PS2 games and best PS3 games also but the PS1 the first PlayStation gave a different impact on gamers.

So go ahead play these Best PS1 games and enjoy gaming.