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A point-of-sale system is composed of software and hardware components that manage sales. With the software, the POS hardware typically takes care of your restaurant’s inventory, payment processing, and customer management. To run a restaurant, you will require a combination of essential POS hardware to accept in-person payments.

Your hardware needs might range from an iPad cash register at a store counter, a card reader, multiple checkout registers, and barcode scanners. To help you choose the best hardware bundle for your POS, we have compiled a list of the best hardware bundles.

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What Makes Up the POS Hardware Bundle?

The hardware setup for different businesses appears different. Your set up in your restaurant will depend on the size of your restaurant. These are a few of the equipment that will make up your POS hardware bundle setup. These are some of the components that are come with your point of sale hardware bundle:

POS terminal

Your POS terminal is a device with a touchscreen interface that the POS system is run on. This device may be a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. You can place the terminal on a stand so it can be used easily as a countertop device by both your employees and customers

Credit card terminal

The credit card terminal is important for debit and credit payments. There are many credit card terminal options for you to choose from, depending on your restaurant’s needs.

These options for the terminal maybe:

A magstripe card reader for card payments

A piece of more versatile equipment capable of accepting both swiped transactions, chip-card transactions, and cardless payments. Many POS makers have their versions of credit card terminals.

Cash drawer

Payments are essential for your business. Having a cash drawer allows you to collect cash, store it securely, and give change to customers. Most cash drawers available can be connected to your POS terminal wirelessly or via USB.

  • Receipt printer

The era of email receipt is gradually giving way to printed receipts. Receipt printers can be connected to your POS terminal wirelessly or with USB. Some credit card terminals can print out receipts, while other systems require you to install a separate printer for receipts.

The Barcode scanner

Barcode scanners are typically handheld devices that allow you to scan items to purchase. They are connected to the POS terminal wirelessly or via USB.

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What Can I Look Out For in a Restaurant POS Hardware Bundle?

Depending on the size of your business, you might not need all the POS hardware. If your restaurant is a small one, you can make do with an easier POS hardware setup. Choose an optimized restaurant and retail POS hardware equipment.

Type and Size of Business

Consider how big your business is and how you operate. If you’re a small restaurant, your needs will be vastly different from a merchant who operates a bigger restaurant.


When selecting a POS hardware bundle, price is an important consideration. AS stated above, your business’s size and needs will determine the price of your POS hardware. If your business is a small one, you will need one POS terminal, one or two credit card terminals, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer.

Ease of use

Ease of use will depend on your restaurant size varies across the system. When selecting POS systems and hardware, consider staff size, how much time you want to dedicate to training, and the features offered by the hardware

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How Does POS Hardware Help My Restaurant?

Choosing the right hardware for your restaurant has so many advantages for your business. A few of them are:

With the right hardware bundle, you can improve the automation of your restaurant. The restaurant is a fast-moving business; doing things manually would slow things down for you. Hardware bundles are equipped to handle a whole lot, from inventory management.

  • POS systems reduce the time you spent on administrative work and automate the process, letting you focus on other areas
  • It effectively curtails human errors that would ordinarily arise

What are the Best POS Hardware Bundles?

Vend Hardware Bundle

You can set up the vend hardware bundles straight from the box or customize them to suit your needs.


  • Vend is compatible with different scanners, cash drawers, and printers.
  • They work perfectly well with your MAC, iPad, and personal computer.
  • Vend has a customer-facing app that works on iPad.
  • The hardware bundles can be installed easily.
  • The printers, barcode scanner, and cash drawers come with a plug and play support.

Toast POS Hardware Bundle

The Toast POS hardware bundle is designed to fit with your restaurant’s needs and decor. They offer affordable hardware that is built to withstand the harsh conditions of your restaurant. These hardware bundles are complete with all you need from the touch screen monitors, receipt printers to even cash drawer.


  • You can adapt the point of sale hardware to your restaurant.
  • They offer 40% more battery life than iPad systems.
  • It is IP54 rated and is spill-resistant.
  • The Toast hardware bundle can withstand high falls and is durable.
  • Comes with a 14″ touch monitor that makes entering orders easy.
  • The setup process is easy. You can have it set up in under 30 minutes.
  • Buying the hardware bundle is cost-efficient.


  • The hardware bundles may end up slowing your service down.
  • The inventory mode of the Bluetooth scanner is almost four times slower than other providers.

 Touch Bistro Hardware Bundle for Restaurant Point of Sale

The Touch Bistro Hardware bundle contains a standard cash drawer, thermal receipt printer, mobile socket Bluetooth scanner, and many more. It has all the hardware components you will require for your business. Touch Bistro’s point of sale was designed specifically for restaurants and eateries(source). Some pros and cons of the Touch Bistro hardware are


  • Designed for restaurants
  • Comes with a spill-proof screen
  • Easy to clean


  • It can be used only with Touch Bistro software

Square Point of Sale Hardware Bundle

The square point of sale is a well-recognized foodservice POS manufacturer. These manufacturers came up with the best hardware bundles suited for the Square Point of Sale and other POS. The hardware bundle contains a square reader, card reader, touch screen terminal, and cables.


  • The touch screen is responsive on both sides.
  • The card reader was designed to be intuitive.
  • The square software and hardware are designed to make your restaurant more efficient. You can process orders easily.
  • The square register is all you will need to manage payments.
  • The square terminal is an all-encompassing device that allows you to take orders and print receipts with ease.


  • The square register is unable to work with Bluetooth.
  • It doesn’t support accessing browsers or other apps.

HP Engage One Prime POS Hardware Bundle

The HP Engage One Prime POS is a stylish all-encompassing point of sale system. With this bundle, you save a lot. It comes with both the software and hardware you need.


  • Efficient order taking – The bundle allows you to input and customize the orders if your customers.
  • Efficient customer database – with this bundle, you can keep track of your customers’ spending habits and orders. You can also customize special offers with the data obtained.
  • It helps you track y inventory.
  • Improves your payment system by accepting cash, credit, debit, and other payment forms
  • The hardware gives you access to real-time information that you can use in your decision-making process.


  • It is very expensive.
  • Not quite durable.

Poynt Terminal POS hardware

The Poynt terminal comes with inbuilt software and hardware devices.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Efficient data collection
  • Allows you to track your stocks
  • Can be customized to suit your needs
  • Features a touch screen money for easy inputting of data


  • Work well with only the inbuilt software.
  • It is fragile.

Elo PayPoint Plus for iPad

The design is both sturdy and stylish. Comes with everything you’ll need for your business from hardware to software.


  • The Hardware Bundle contains a barcode scanner, high Def receipt printer, customer display unit, and an inbuilt drawer.
  • Allows you to take down orders, check the order’s status, or save it to be processed later.
  • Enhances store security
  • Saves more space in your restaurant and reduces clutter from equipment.
  • Inventory Control – Develop an inventory catalog by creating different product types, managing your stock.
  • The card reader helps to process payment. Also, you can accept cash, credit and debit cards, and virtual payments.


  • It is suited to only iPads.
  • Hard to install.

Comparison of the Hardware Bundles

  Vend Bundle Toast Bundle Touch Bistro Square Bundle Poynt Bundle
Cost Affordable Affordable Affordable Affordable Expensive
All in one Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compartibility Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Limited
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Now that you have the point of sale software installed, you will need the best hardware. Some POS manufacturers offer hardware bundles at cheap rates. Some of the best hardware bundles for restaurant POS include those offered by Vend and Square point. Use this article as a guide for selecting the best hardware bundle for your restaurant.