How can practicing boxing spurt up your health?

Rohan Mathew

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Boxing is an aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping. Lower the risk of your high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. It can also strengthen your bones, muscles, and boost up your mood. 

Boxing also changes your life in such a way that it teaches you discipline, ethics, work, self-control, and self-confidence.

Release stress by secretion of endorphin

When you punch a bag, the brain increases secretion of a hormone named “endorphin” which makes you feel good. Punching also helps to relieve muscle tension. As you punch you will feel there is increased focus, there is an increase in your body endurance. As a result of which you will feel much relaxed and you will notice release in your stress level.

To effectively partake in punching, exercising and other workouts ensure you wear proper gloves to prevent your hands from getting damage. We recommend wearing Elite Sports workout gloves to ensure maximum protection and performance.  

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You will start knowing more about yourself

Boxing is something that nourishes your balance and reflexes. It is the best way by which you can get to know more about yourself. It is a combination of skills, and when you utilize these skills with good techniques, a lot of focus and attention is required which will help you to improve your ability of concentration. So it is a technique by which you get to know more about yourself, how your brain works, and how you respond in different conditions.

Improved self-confidence

As there is increased body endurance and strength, you can also feel powerful mentally. You got to learn about several fighting techniques which will also help to deal with any life-threatening situation. It’s obvious that when you throw a punch you also tend to learn about self-defense also. While training different workout routines ensure you wear safety gear to prevent any unintended injuries. We recommend you to use Elite Sports workout mitts and pads while all of your boxing training sessions. 

Improved cardiovascular health

As we have heard that we need to do cardio for keeping ourselves away from various heart diseases. It also helps us to burn calories and help in weight reduction. The main purpose of cardio is to create some pressure on the lungs and heart so that they keep working efficiently and they get physically adaptive for an intense workout. 

Better eye coordination

When you practise boxing you will notice that with continuous practising your hand and eye coordination got improved. Better hand and eye coordination have an important impact on person overall health and it is directly linked with fine motor and gross skills. Boxing not only improves your eye and hand coordination but also overall body coordination. So as we get old, we can have better control over ourselves and our risk of falling become reduced. When you are asked to punch a sandbag for a punching bag, it is moving fastly and it can be difficult to hit it. But after practising boxing you can see an immense improvement in your hand and eye coordination.

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Tone up body

Some people think that due to boxing they will lose weight. But the main purpose should be to increase your muscle mass and reduce your fats. When you take proper healthy nutrition, increase body endurance and strength through boxing and keep yourself hydrated too than you can tone up your body easily. So, when you are practising boxing in your daily routine you are actually shaping up your body, and there is no reason that you won’t see the change in your body and drop in the percentage of fats.

Burn calories

Oh yes! You can burn lots of calories through boxing. How many calories should you burn per day? It depends upon a person’s age, weight and gender. Typically men should burn around 500 calories in an hour and women should burn around 400 calories in an hour. A boxer can burn up to 800 calories in an hour.  

Developing stronger bones and joints

Bone strengthening exercises are very much important because as we age our bone become weak, fragile and may lead to osteoporosis. The dynamics of boxing is that you are punching around and you need to put on weight on your knees. There are certain other exercises involved which helps you to warm up your body first that includes rope jumping, running, chin-ups, push-ups and stretching. Warming up exercises are very much important for your joints as well. Before starting an intense workout you need to warm up yourself first. And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated because water lubricates your joints and helps in mortality.