Bigg Boss Season 15 All Detail & Theme Concept

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Bigg Boss Season 15 All Detail & Theme Concept

Bigg Boss 15 Overview

Every year Bigg Boss comes with unique style and theme and after the popularity of the last seasons this year it’s also comes again with another season called BIGG BOSS 15 with some new twists where other than celebrities, commoners will also the part of the show.

This season will be bigger and better than previous seasons and the TV show because of its new concept gained an instant fan following and liked by all age groups.

Everybody is now familiar with the word Bigg Boss, it’s a reality based show where all the contestants lives at Bigg Boss house and every year the location of the house is different and Bigg Boss 15 house build according to the decided theme and the house is well furnished with all the modern amenities. The house have living area, kitchen, garden, swimming pool, gym for the contestants, activity area and the most important confession room where Bigg Boss calls house members for the nomination process or any kind of hidden task assigned to selected contestants or any kind of conversation with them.

Bigg Boss 15 Theme Concept

Every corner in the house cameras are framed so Bigg Boss can monitor all the activities and every move of the contestants. And the contestants must survive inside the house without their phones even they don’t know what’s the time as the house have no clock.

The contestants must cut off from the external world. Only one tv is available through which the host Salman Khan communicates with the contestants. After every week one of the participants from the nominated ones who get fewer votes will eliminated and leave the house. At the end five contestant will left who will enter the finale weak of Bigg Boss and one will win the title of Bigg Boss and the prize money of 50 lakhs.

Bigg Boss managed to keep his audience addicted to the show through its manipulative games, ugly fights between the contestants and the back bitching and through this continues to maintain the TRP of the show. The show is all about strategies where evictions, weekly tasks and competitions set by Bigg Boss and the contestants must perform with proper mind set.

Once the contestants are nominated, the audience can save their favorite and deserving contestants by casting the vote and saved them from eviction. Through different medium they can cast vote like through SMS, mobile phone applications and through web-based applications. And the last one with most votes will be declared as the winner of the show.

Imapct Of Corona On Bigg Boss 15

Because of Covid’19 and the rapid increase in corona patients in India, Bigg Boss 15 House has introduced multiple precautionary measures and sanitizing process so that everyone in the house is safe during their stay and the participants have to quarantined themselves for 14 days and the vaccination is compulsory for them before entering the house and their corona test has to be negative and the housemates will be tested every weekend as safety measures. Every corner of the house and the set will sanitized and will leave no stone unturned in maintaining hygiene. 

This Time Show is starting 6 week Earlier name as Big Boss OTT. Bigg Boss Ott will start from August 2021.