Brightest Bob Hairstyles To Light You Up

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Brightest Bob Hairstyles to Light You Up

How to choose the “bob” haircut that suits you best

Keys and tips to get 100% right with this haircut with a total trend – What type of bob would suit you best?

Summer, with its vacations, its incessant plans, etc. encourages us to change our look. Why not take advantage of this time of year to face it with a new haircut? And, judging by current trends, many will opt for the “bob” cut to clean up their hair and renew their appearance.

It does not surprise us. It is an ideal haircut for almost all types of faces and ages (it is very rejuvenating). It is also versatile and easy to style. We also like it because it can serve as a starting point to go to a midi or long hair or risk something shorter.

If this is your case, if you decide on a bob cut, we recommend that you take into account all the aspects that such a cut implies. Both in relation to daily maintenance, as visits to the hairdresser and styles that can favor you more. In short, don’t just ask for a “bob” and find the cut that suits you best with the help of your stylist because a jagged bob is not the same… Be attentive to its variants and possibilities!

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  1. Take into account the shape of your face

The fact that a haircut is a trend does not mean that it looks good to everyone, although this is one of the ones that best suits all types of face. You just have to choose the type of “bob” cut that best suits your features. For example, if you want to emphasize your jawline, you can go for an inverted “bob,” with the front part longer than the back. Or if you want to enhance the cheekbones, better choose a squarer cut. In any case, ask your stylist about the type of “bob” that can best suit you.

The ideal “bobs” for round faces are those with a longer cut, which extend beyond the chin to cause a visual lengthening effect of the features. If we are talking about wide faces, we may have to subtract volume from the sides of the hair using invisible inner layers to achieve a more flattering effect. To add angles to the face, we can also opt for long, lopsided bangs.

For square faces it will be better to opt for an inverted “bob” (longer in front than in back) that lengthens the face, compensating for the weight of the jaw typical of this type of face. Above all, in this type of face, it is essential to avoid cuts at the level of the jaw so as not to draw attention to this point.

In the case of elongated faces, the typical “bob” at the level of the jaw or even a shorter one will be the most flattering to reduce the length of the face. If we prefer longer versions

Such as the “long bob”, it is advisable to accompany them with bangs that shorten the length of the face and reduce the weight of the forehead, so that the whole is more harmonious.

If we have a heart-shaped face, it means that our chin is noticeably sharper than our forehead, so we will have to gain volume in it to balance the features. For this we can opt for long versions of the “bob”, working the ends in internal layers to gain volume.

For oval faces, the best option for the “bob” will be the one that is just below the jaw or in line with it to compensate for the vertical tendency of this type of face for further details check it out here.

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  1. Think about the texture of your hair

If you are one of those who think that a cut of this style will save you time in front of the mirror every morning, be careful because you can be disappointed. Keep in mind that hair texture will be decisive when deciding on a haircut: for example, fine hair tends to work better with shorter layers, as there is a visible thickening effect; while thick hair works best with longer cuts that allow volume control. On the other hand, if you have curly hair, it is convenient to emphasize the “bob” at the back to avoid that in the end the cut ends up too rounded and loses its original shape.

In short, only if you choose the type of cut taking into account these types of characteristics in your hair, will you save time and effort in front of the mirror.