Brighton Foster Carers: How to Get Started on Your Journey

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Brighton Foster Carers

Becoming a foster carer brings many rewards. You are stepping into a unique arena in which your skills and guidance can become a safe base for a child who truly needs it. Just like any professional role, there is a process to follow and various things to put in place before you begin the actual fostering part. Here’s how Brighton foster carers can get started on their journey. 

Initial Research: Finding Your Route of Access

Learning how to foster a child in Brighton means starting with some research. Foster carers all over the country have two options when looking at starting off their career. Either they opt for a Local Authority pathway or they decide to work with an independent, private fostering agency. This is exactly the same in Brighton. 

First Communication: What to Expect

When this decision is made, it is time to make a preliminary show of interest. This will be through a form or a telephone conversation where you pass on some details and answer a few questions. After this, there will be an information based learning meet-up either at an agency or in your house. You will meet a social worker and talk through all the requirements for fostering and what you may expect on any given day. 

The Next Step

If you meet all the criteria and decide to move ahead with the application, it will be time to fill in an official form and undergo all the necessary checks. There will be security checks, reference interviews, and various other safeguarding based processes to work through, but your agency or worker will support you every step of the way. 

The Training Stage

You cannot become a fully qualified foster carer without going through some training modules. There is a lot to learn, and you must absorb as much relevant information as possible so that you are able to be the best carer possible when a placement commences. This bit may feel a little overwhelming, but don’t worry. All the things you learn will be highly transferable and you will use them naturally from the very first day. There will also be ongoing training requirements if you pass the next step and begin a placement further down the line. 

Going to Panel 

Post-checks, it is time to go to the panel. This is a formal interview style assessment where you present your case to a panel of professionals in the industry. They will judge the information and come to a decision about whether you fit the role or not. This is a key stage because if you don’t pass, you won’t be able to reapply for a while. 

Waiting for a Placement

If you are successful, it is just a case of waiting until a compatible looked after child needs a home. Answer the phone when it rings and be open to exploring different types of placements, for instance, a young child or a teenager. 

Getting started on your Brighton fostering journey is easy. It is a case of researching, making a decision, and going for it. Your decision may just change a life! 

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