Business Benefits of Migrating Embedded Links During Cloud Data Migration

Charlotte Miller

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Business Benefits of Migrating Embedded Links During Cloud Data Migration

Out of the many critical features to transfer during a business cloud data migration, embedded links are one of the most important. Similar to features such as sharing permissions, embedded links are integral to the way end-users (employees) and their teams collaborate in the cloud environment. 

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Check out this post to understand how businesses of all sizes and industries benefit from transferring embedded links when migrating data from one cloud to another. 

  1. Retention of the Collaboration Structure in the Destination

One of the most important goals to achieve during a business cloud data migration is to retain the collaboration structure of the source environment in the destination cloud. And retaining the collaboration structure can be highly challenging when migrating data from a standalone cloud storage to an integrated cloud suite, such as from Box to OneDrive of Microsoft 365. 

Similar to sharing permissions, embedded links help end-users and their team share as well as access content in an efficient way. Also, since embedding links in documents and spreadsheets looks clean rather than using long-form links, most end-users and team prefer to share and collaborate using embedded links.

  1. Improvement in User Productivity in the Destination

Businesses moving from a user-oriented cloud storage service to a robust cloud suite, such as from Dropbox to Google Drive, can benefit from significant improvement in user productivity when transferring embedded links along with data and other features. 

Cloud storages that are well integrated into a cloud suite ecosystem, such as Google Drive in Google Workspace, have industry-leading collaboration features such as email integration, calendar syncs, and video conferences. As such, migrating embedded links complement the collaboration features and improve user productivity. 

  1. Improvement in Company-wide Operational Efficiency

Productivity improvements at the employee and team level further amplifies into a company-wide improvement in overall operational efficiency. The improvements in operational efficiency result in more business gains with higher ROIs.

So essentially, migrating embedded links and other collaboration features, including permissions, shared links, external shares, and in-line comments brings significant business value in the long run. However, it is crucial to choose a migration tool that has the technical capability to migrate all the collaboration features accurately to the destination. 

Different Types of Embedded Links To Migrate

There are several types of embedded links and businesses must migrate all of them to replicate the collaboration structure of the source cloud in the destination with 100% accuracy. They include:

  • IF condition links
  • Open ID links
  • Shared links

Highly advanced cloud data migration tools for businesses, such as CloudFuze, migrate all these types of embedded links without breaking them in the destination cloud environment. These types of business data migration tools transfer embedded links with 100% accuracy along with other features linked to user data.