Business Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Business UK

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss Business Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Business UK

The telephone systems have evolved a lot since their inception. Throughout their evolution, the business world has become dependent on telephony systems. The capability to communicate over long distance has allowed businesses to execute efficient and fast transactions worldwide.

Nowadays, businesses whether large or small are switching to virtual numbers to replace the traditional and expensive phone systems. Even though virtual numbers might sound costly or complexed to use, this really isn’t the case. Virtual phone numbers are cost-efficient compared to the traditional phone systems, and they are easy to set up and use.

How can virtual numbers work for businesses?

 Business virtual numbers depend on cloud-based functions in order to operate. This is beneficial for businesses since they do not need to spend money on additional phone lines, expensive software or dedicated hardware. All of the necessary information and software is stored in data centres. One reason why virtual phone number are cost-effective is the fact that the basic software can be shared with several users.

Now more and more businesses have started to use virtual numbers because it allows them to establish a presence in countries and cities except the ones in which they are actually located. Moreover, business virtual numbers eliminate the long-distance call charges for the callers who are within the phone number’s area code.

For instance, if your business is based in London and you wish to attract customers in Paris, then you can set up virtual phone number for your business with Paris area code. Any call made to that phone number would be routed instantly to your main business phone number. Research has revealed that customers are more likely to call a local phone number and to answer a call from one.

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Also, you can consider telephone answering service for your small business to get good customer leads.

How Businesses can buy virtual phone number?

If you believe that you are ready to expand your business internationally with virtual numbers, then all you need to do is select a service provider to discuss all your options. You can choose from different business plans. All your incoming calls can be routed to any phone you want; smartphone, home landline, business call centre or VoIP.

For instance, let’s say you are an entrepreneur working from home. You can buy one virtual phone number from the country or city of your choice and have all your incoming phone calls routed to your cell phone or home phone.

This can help you in maintaining your privacy since you can keep your business phone calls separate from your personal phone calls. Also, it means that you wouldn’t need to put your personal phone number on your site or any other ad. This kind of phone solution can cost you as little as a few pounds per month.

On the other hand, if you own a bigger business then you can get a whole virtual phone system. You can have phone numbers in different cities all over the globe. With every phone number, you can organise extensions, this way your calls can reach the department or person they need, right away.

You will have to pay for how long a caller is connected to your business phone lines. For instance, if a customer calls and is routed to an extension within your phone system then you will be charged for the complete duration of the call.

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International Virtual Numbers for Businesses

 Virtual numbers are not limited to the U.K. cities. Businesses can also buy a virtual international phone number. This choice particularly is valuable if businesses have employees and customers dispersed throughout different states.

There are several virtual phone number providers in the U.K and one such great provider is VoIP business. They provide numbers for several countries, so you have a lot of options. Another great thing about VoIP business is that it takes only a few minutes for you to activate your international virtual number and these numbers come with the following benefits:

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  • Call tracking
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail and fax to email
  • Unlimited extension numbers
  • Simultaneous calling

With VoIP business, you get the benefit of 24-hour technical support and there is no long-term commitment or contract. Virtual numbers provide businesses with unlimited flexibility. If a business decides to change its office location, then it is not a problem, a virtual phone number goes with you wherever you go in the world.

Also, you can have your business calls routed to different phone numbers depending on the time, date or time zone. This kind of telephone systems is perfect for small businesses which do not wish to spend money on installing and maintaining a large, dedicated telephone system.

If you have any doubts or inquiries, you can contact the customer services team at VoIP business, and you can find out how virtual number can be beneficial for your business. If you are up for it, you can sign up for a free trial.