Top Features of Business VoIP UK – Importance of VoIP Phone System

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In today’s world, VoIP have become a massive asset for small businesses in the UK. The growth of the VoIP phone industry highlights that investing in VoIP phone system has become a necessity for every business success. The innovative features in the VoIP system ensure High audio and video conferencing, team collaboration and data sharing. The facilities like call queuing, conference calling promote small business in the UK to grow with higher productivity.

What is VoIP Phone Service?

A VoIP or Voice Over IP is an internet-based telephony service that allow your phone calls to make on Internet rather than using an analogue circuit based system that support with an wire to make phone calls. VoIP phone services commonly known as internet calling.

VoIP technology has now become one of the most significant and successful business innovations that every small and large enterprises are taking advantage of it. The biggest advantage that VoIP system offered is that they are cost effective solution and feature rich as compared to traditional phone system. It doesn’t require any installations or maintenance that usually required in traditional phone system.

Hence, we are going to discuss some VoIP features which are a must-have for every business. 

VoIP Features

 Call queuing:

One of the most key VoIP phone features, call queue system is extremely popular among businesses with a large customer base. It streamlines customer calls to place them in an automated call queue so that their call is attended by the support team at the earliest.

Also, the call queue system can play personalised greetings and music for customers to hold their interest while they wait for a speedy service. No doubt, a call queue system is best to provide proactive and flexible support to customers. It is the greatest way to deal with heavy call traffic and it also keeps customers satisfied through fast-paced service.

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Call Transfer: 

In the competitive business market customer is the king. This means that businesses have to up their communication game if they want to stay connected with their customers. One of the most beneficial VoIP features is of call transfer; it ensures that important calls are forwarded to any mobile, landline or personal phone number immediately.

Customers don’t need to worry about not being able to contact the support team members since they get redirected to an available line. This feature can enhance accessibility round the clock and it ensures that the team can attend calls even on the move!

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Interactive Voice Response: 

Most cloud-based phone systems offer IVR facility in their phone system. This feature can largely reduce dependency on the manual team since automated voice menus allow customers to direct themselves to the right extension or department.

Callers don’t have to wait for business hours to get in touch with your business, an automated response ensures that there’s no delay in providing great customer support. Also, businesses don’t have to invest in front desk receptionist because IVR is user-friendly which helps calls solve all their issues at any time of the day.

Video Conferencing:

Businesses need employees to communicate with clients, partners, stakeholders, and customers who might be scattered in different geographic locations. The conference calling facility in a virtual phone system connects team members in real-time seamlessly so that they can collaborate on work-related problems.

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Video conferencing allows employees to communicate face-to-face and make an informed decision for a business’s betterment. Conferencing calling is an extremely beneficial feature since it increases availability, and removes physical distances by ensuring maximum connectivity.

Call barging: 

A common feature which is offered by most of the top cloud-based telephone system providers is call barging. This feature allows a third party to listen in conversations and if need enters as two-way call. This can be a highly beneficial feature since it allows managers to be aware of the services being provided to the clients. It also makes it easier for a manager to train new support team and can provide excellent call experience to loyal customers as well.

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VoIP telephony is the latest buzzword in the business community. Several new features are being launched which have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for businesses all around the world. Investing in a good business VoIP provider can help business acquire great benefits and enjoy a customised communication plan to suit their business needs.

So, whether you are a startup, small, medium or enterprise-level business, and a virtual number offer something radical and dynamic. With VoIP, your communication practices remain structures, and your business will save a lot through economically priced calling plans. A quick method to boost your profitability parameters is to invest in a VoIP phone system.

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