Can I use Netflix to see TV channels?

Rohan Mathew

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Netflix is not just another traditional provider of internet and cable TV services and it causes a great deal of uncertainty amongst individuals. They assume that Netflix is an online TV (some people even market it as such), but that does not hold the truth!

Netflix is an online subscription-based library that is comprised of high-quality films and TV series produced predominantly by Netflix – the content can be accessed from any compatible gadget which includes your TV set, smartphone, computer, or tablet – as long as they are connected with an Internet connection. Netflix does not get content from other networks. People typically assume it pretty much like a library that has unlimited movies and shows content and here are all categories of videos accessible from all types of providers.

There are series and movies available for Netflix subscribers to browse from the NBC, BBC, Disney, CBS, Paramount, Fox, and several more. It is not a live TV channel where you can catch up with either ESPN or ABC. No TV channels can be viewed on Netflix, though Netflix doesn’t quite support conventional TV channels. Netflix is not an online television where you can watch some TV channels network or channels similar to a TV and movie series catalog.

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That doesn’t mean that Netflix has any hidden agendas or favors monopoly, you can always catch most of your previously aired favorite TV shows that you used to watch on your TV channels. There are programs and films from CBS, NBC, Fox, Disney, Paramount, BBC, etc. available in the Netflix library as well. Netflix provides a great range of TV series and movie shows that you can stream with delight.

Almost all the top-notch cable TV service providers like Spectrum cable offer hundreds of HD channels that their customers can now watch on their official Apps anywhere and anytime. You can also select channel lineups of your choice and sign up for premium or On-demand channels of your choice as well. However, if you are particularly looking for an online streaming service that enables you to watch traditional cable TV without getting a cable service. Then you must try researching and finding out if they cover the channels you would want to and then go ahead with subscribing to Hulu or Amazon Prime if you want to stream cable TV channels on your smart TV. You will also stream HBO and other news networks here.

Similar to cable TV subscription, with Hulu or Amazon Prime as well, you cannot connect to different channels of your choice, extra channels the ones you like. You will have to pay an additional fee to get HBO and other premium networks, as well as CBS All Access, for these providers or any other that falls into the premium category.

On the other hand, Netflix also delivers a never-ending quantity of content that is comprised of complete episodes of series or seasons from various other cable channels, so you’re ahead. It differs not only based on network/channel but also with certain programs on those networks, so it’s difficult to assume why, for instance, Netflix delivers The CW and not every program that is going to be aired there. It deals directly with others. But you have most of the major cable networks in general, with a few noteworthy exceptions. After some time, several HBO and other premium network outlets provide Netflix with some of their original content that includes films and other programs.

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Big ABC series, the CW, Starz movies, and large numbers of traditional cable TV shows for example The Walking Dead are served on streaming service as complete seasons. And above that Netflix has a lot of original quality content, but a lot of it has gone international recently, so unless you don’t mind watching somewhat annoying subtitles, you can enjoy that there.

British shows and their over-all content is pretty fine, and for your amusement, there are plenty of historical scripts and biographies. The Blacklist right now is on my binge watch list, for the simple reason that I never wrapped it up on television as it’s one of the best TV shows. For me, even with all the changes, Netflix is worth the premium, because of the remarkable content it comes with. If you are still not sure, go for a trial, where you can explore and experience Netflix without paying anything for a month. Try watching some of Quora’s recommended shows, especially originals, and make your own decision. You will find the service a lot cheaper than visiting the cinema.